[Thanks for coming, completed! 91 attending, 11 Gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


Sure! Let me add you.

You are added! See you there :)


Infinite Flight has said there may be some new Southwest Livery’s so if they do add them and the update comes out before the event, I am going to change from Shamu One to a newer livery

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Can I change my gate to D8?

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Most likely yes.
And you can change because I may be Shamu if you don’t take it.


Your gate is now D8! Have fun flying to Reno :)


Hey Luke. Can I still fly to BWI but out of D8? Thanks!

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Sure! You have been added.

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Everyone, remember to read the NOTAM. It has very useful Info!


If the update has yet to be released I will be Shamu

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Hi everyone, I updated the NOTAM a bit! Take a read below:

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Could I get the FedEx route to KOAK, but in a B777-F instead? Thanks!

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The 777 does not fly to KOAK from Phoenix, but it does to Memphis. Would you like that route?

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Ok, no problem. KMEM sounds good :)

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You are In! See you there.


Can i maybe change to gate B13

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Could I take gate 10 please?
Also @Aviator10 If you want me to take ground or tower to ease your workload a bit I’d be more than happy to (already almost 40 people)

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@Matthew_20204 your gate has been changed. See you there.

@Jonesrox55 you are In! See you there :)


We have 40 attendees! Let’s get to 50!

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South tie down 01, operating pre-historic F-14 depart north bound to KPRC.

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Sure! You are In! See you there.

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