[Thanks for coming, completed! 91 attending, 11 Gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


You are in! See you there!

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Is the event taking place at 1:00 MST or 1:00 EST etc.

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1:00 Est, yes. That is the time.
Please read the NOTAM for additional info.


Ok, thanks! Can’t wait to attend! Will let you know if I can’t but will plan too.

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Hey, I know this is a lot to ask and I have been really annoying already, but can you make sure all the Southwest planes already signed up and that do sign up aren’t planning to fly as Shamu One. That would be awkward. Sorry I’m being a pain 😖.

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Nope, you are the only one! See you there.

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Would you mind if I take C9? I love KPHX and always fly here! (My home city)!

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Sure! C9 is all yours! Hope to see you there.


So would 11am be in Phoenix time? I’m in Phoenix so…

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Yep! The date up top translates to your local time zone.


Thanks! Sorry for any inconvenience if I caused you any

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Can I get:
Any American Eagle gate
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Callsign: Air Shuttle 5768
Route: PHX-STS

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You are added! See you there :)

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I have decided to have ATC for this event. Post below if you would like it!

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Ground and tower for me please! My gate is A11 so you can remove.

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Il take the southwest 737-800 going to MDW please

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You have been changed to Ground and Tower. See you there!


Also, I added another Spirit Gate to KORD! Take it soon before it is gone!

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All of the Delta Gates are taken. Please pick an open gate. @CapriciousWisewater

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Giving this a bump
Sign up now!

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