[Thanks for coming, completed! 91 attending, 11 Gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


I look forward to it
I love my home airport

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Yep! Your gate has been changed. See you there!
I am assuming you want the “More to Love livery?”

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Thanks so much

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Finally some event is at good time to me

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I don’t remember my gate can you tell me what it is

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Can I get Gate D5 -Southwest 738 to KLAX?

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I’ll take Gate 4 in terminal 2 to KDEN, United B739

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@FINNWINGS, your gate is B22.
@Shadow87645, you are in! Enjoy your flight!
@Patrick_Gallagher, you are in! See you there :)


i can do american a321 to KDEN Gate a22 :)

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Can I change to a C130J-30

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Gate D1 EverettM SWA to KAUS

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SWA to SLC please :)

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Gate A5 American Airlines CRJ-700 to KBUR please! Great event!

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@BadPlane, your gate has been changed.
@Kevinsoto1502, @xXDuhItzMacXx, @Aviation-21, and @EverettM, you have been added! See You There!

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Don’t forget I can change routes!

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@Luke_Sta Can I change my route from SLC to HOU if possible?

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Can I take I gate for a British airways 747-400 to LHR

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@Kevinsoto1502, your route has been changed.
@James_Harvey, the BA 744 Gate is already taken. Would you like another gate?


I’ll take any tell me what size aircraft please

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You are Gate B26. American A320 to Boise.

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