[Thanks for coming, completed! 91 attending, 11 Gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


We have Tower, Ground, and Departure all filled.
The only ATC spot left is Approach.

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If you want ground control you can have it @Manny27

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We are almost halfway full! Get your gate today!

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Sorry cant attend just realised I have another event on that day

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Can I still get a gate?

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I can be Ground and Tower if you want.

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Can I get this route, but switch to CRJ9 in American airlines livery?

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@Matthew_20204 you have been removed.
@Carolina_Taylor there is still plenty of time to sign up.
@Olliebollie999 there is only one ATC position left, and that is Approach.
@HiFlyer you have been added! See you there.

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Just a reminder, still only one Terminal 3 Gate Left!

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I hope the new update is out by the time we fly. I want my 737 to have all the new features!

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Yep! I will edit the NOTAM a bit depending on the update! Just check it every day!

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Can I change to an American 737-800

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Just to let you know, the AA 738 does not fly to KLAX from Phoenix. The A320/321/CRJ7 does. Do you want to be on one of those aircraft(s)?

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321 please

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I love American routes! Would you sign this gate for me?

Also, it is always fun to wake up at 1am for the sake of this event :) #southeastasia

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Okay then get me a gate from T3?

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@Olliebollie999 if you want ground it’s all yours

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Hey add international routes

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@ouzi You are in for 6B! See you there!
@Carolina_Taylor you are Gate 20, Terminal 3. Frontier A320 to Denver. See you in Phoenix!
@BadPlane your gate is Now A29. See you there.
@Albatross_Prince, there is still a route to Canada, and I can change gates.


Like to other continents

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