Thanks for an awesome year!

Hey everyone!
I just noticed that it was a year ago today that I thought “I wonder what mobile flight sims are out there”, and I downloaded Infinite Flight, joined the Infinite Flight Community, and slowly was pulled in to the Infinite Flight world. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

One of the first experiences I had with the community was after doing some pattern work with a Spitfire. I received a friendly, encouraging DM out of the blue from @Solocup (who had been manning the Tower during my pattern work), telling me I had flown well. It hit me that this combination of multiplayer flying with a community forum was an extremely powerful combo that no other flight sim came close to having. I was hooked. (IFATC guys - you have no idea how much encouraging DMs like that mean to pilots - I hope you’re sending them often!)

Shortly thereafter, I noticed IF had an API for other apps to plug into (which is a GENIUS idea for a mobile app to offer), so, being a developer myself, I thought “why not make myself a little app to help me not get overspeed violations!” - and received so much encouragement and support from all of you that my little project ended up turning into the full-blown In-Flight Assistant. All of your excitement and positivity about In-Flight Assistant has meant so much to me this past year.

And now, of course, the Global update of IF is coming up at some point, and as you all know, it is going to be MORE than worth the wait.
Anyways, just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being awesome, I am so thankful to have become a small part of this community, and I am really looking forward to what happens in year 2! 😃


Glad to have you in the community! You are awesome!


Thanks for your brilliant app! Happy forumversary!


Congratulations xD

Keep up your great work, you did so much for our community 👍👍


Congratulations are in order sir! Glad to see productive community members such as yourself that exercise characteristics like humility, respectfulness and friendliness. Cheers to many more ;)


So glad you were here to develop your amazing apps! We have loved having you on this community, we hope to see your future creations within IF. :)


You’re welcome and a huge THANK YOU for making in-flight assistant! I’m so happy you made it coz it makes IF twice as realistic than it originally was! Can’t wait to see more great apps and improvements to existing ones!

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Gute Arbeit sie tragen einen Teil dazu bei das IF immer besser und besser wird #BerlinerCommunity

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I hope you know how much you being here and your contributions have improved the Infinite Flight experience. Hope to see you around the community for many years to come.

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Well, we are all very glad to have you here!


Happy forumversrey from an IF moob :).

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