Thanks FDS

The amount of work the FDS team put into this game is astonishing. With the amount of people who want an Australian Domestic Jet (like a Qantas B738) and new liveries, you guys have delivered.

Last night I saw a post on the IF insta showcasing the Qantas Boeing 737 in the New Roo livery. I couldn’t get to sleep that night!

FDS have bought us a flight simulator that has millions of downloads on both the Play Store and the Apple App Store. They have put thousands of hours into this game designing global, aircraft, liveries and all that.

What I got out of that is that the FDS team are amazing and I can’t wait for the CRJ update to come out!

Thank You FDS for all you have done!


They sure have gotten this simulator to an amazing place! They have worked hard non-stop, and it has definitely payed off!
Thanks FDS!


You know better. You’re a regular.


I know I’m probably going to get hate for this but seriously, there are so many “thank you” topics for FDS, Laura, etc. and this topic is just another one of them. Anyway, yeah, you’ve got my point, this topic is kinda useless.


I don’t think it’s a great idea to PM devs…


I agree. It’s better here where all can see.

Isn’t it a good feeling, after working so hard to make something so good, for someone to write multiple paragraphs on why they like your product and appreciate your fine work?

There are alot of these topics, but these are topics to show our appreciation and support for these hard working developers, I’m sure each and every one of them means the world to the people who are in charge of this simulator and community.

There is also no such thing as “useless posts or useless topics” every topic in this community mean’s something as long as it is well written, constructive, and civil.


Not sure about this but the love you’re showing is nice lol. <3

I’m gonna love the QF737 livery. They’d done a great job




Very nice little logo.

Perhaps print this out, put it in a card, and send it to FDS ;)

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Haha thanks.
P. S. I created it a long time ago 😀

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