Thanks FDS and everyone on the forum

It’s been a year now on this forum. It’s crazy how much things have changed on this forum; people coming and going, new planes being added, new features being made. The only reason why I joined a year ago was because I was bored and had nothing better to do. I had the app along time before joining, back when the old website was used, 747-400s with the Dreamliner livery and the maps having no terrain. The forum was a cool place with cool people talked about aviation (besides Nickchan lol) and it was fun because I couldn’t talk to anyone else because no one was really interested in aviation. It was really sad to see people leave like rotate and DJ. Then all the anons and trolls came and the forum kinda whent downhill. Luckily, the forum is the way it is now. When I first bought IF and flew the c172 tutorial, I was in love. It was the best sim and still is and honestly, if IF was the same as when I first bought it, it still would of been my favorite sim. I can’t thank FDS enough for what they’ve done on the app. It’s ridiculous how many new features they add every update. Also, it’s astonishing how much flightcast grew in a year. I’ve listened to every episode and when I went back and listened to the first episode, it’s crazy how much flightcast has gotten better. I’m sorry for having this thank you so long and if you find anything wrong Carson, could you fix it :)


Congrats buddy :)

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Are you leaving now?


@AR_AR We now call it ‘spring break’, not ‘leaving’


So far he hasn’t fixed anything

Wow, 744 with a dreamliner livery. What an amazing thing. Why would anyone remove that from the sim😂

Oh I remember when the 747 had a mission & also the spit.


My gosh that was such a long time ago. I was 16 going on 17 when I first laid eyes on a Flight sim for my phone. I was so shocked. Im 20 yrs old now. Time flies like crazy.

The fact that that today’s Halloween lol

It’s only spring in the Southern Hemisphere


I remember getting IF before even the A380 had its first rework. It’s been so long, I nearly forgot what the HUD has looked like over time.

I’m not lol. I won’t be here as often because of school.

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