Thanks American

I am an idiot I was thinking 12 pm to 12 am is 12 hours plus 8 hours is 18


When Delta cancelled our flight (or delayed it until the next day 😒 ) at least we got a room and a first class ticket.

Then again it was an hour flight…

Anyway, nice photos!

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Yeah idk, maybe I am just a bit spoiled with all the EU passenger rights 😅 It’s time for me to become a man 😂


Amazing photos, especially the first one. I’m not surprised you had this issue with AA. Next time you are stateside, be sure to book United or Delta, or anybody. Just don’t book AA. AA Fanboys won’t like this one

Beautiful shots!

Take that back rn 😤. Our baby dreamliner raccoon is beautiful.


Nice pictures! 🔥

ah that’s AA for you.

Only flown on them once but it was so delAAyed.

I planned the flight to arrive on time for my CAP activity people to pick me up on the bus but thanks to AA, I had to call the CAP people (still at my origin airport) to tell them that I was delayed big time.

One of the times I called them, I was actually in the plane itself.

I ended up being picked up but I was on a special van with me and two other guys who were also delAAyed 😂

I have a trip report about the whole thing. It’s closed but you can find it somewhere

eh, but to each his own I guess 😂

  1. The Baby Bus is the A318.
  2. Extremely ugly.
  3. Honestly the toothpaste livery is WAY better

After those arguments, I’ll proudly not take anything of what I said back. 😛

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I don’t know how reliable this is but under “American Airlines flight delays and cancellations” at:

American Airlines - Compensation for delayed flights | Flightright.

It states:

“When delayed till the next day, you’re eligible for a stay in a hotel, including transport to and from the airport. Always ask that confirmation of your hotel room and transfers be provided in writing.”

Nice picture of Freedom One

indeed you are

mods this is a joke don’t ban me

BRUH, great the Freedom One livery is there when I don’t live near LGA anymore.

Anyways nice photos

I am loving this shot! :) Great Job! 🙂

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Don’t get banned again pls lol

The photos are beautiful 😍, what else did you do on that little layover.

I concur. The 737NG looks good! The 220 looks fine dressed up in it’s AC livery!

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Dallas Fort Worth Immigration TSA is like this everytime I come internationally and oml they irk my soul. I’m supposed to come back to the states through Dallas then drive home so hopefully it’ll be better than last time I flew internationally 🙃. Great photos though!

Amazing shots! LGA surely looks brand new and different with these upgrades! It also has one of the coolest spotting places, plane view park. I went there 3 times and it was amazing

Me and @Speedyyy got hotel and meal vouchers for a 14 hour delay. You should have gotten one.


yes that was so much fun