Thanks American

12pm: Arrival at the airport
1pm: Having lunch at LGA (thanks to whoever recommended flying AA on LGA-DCA, the new LGA terminal is quite good compared to JFK)
2pm: running around in LGA taking photographs
3pm: flight gets cancelled minutes before departure
5pm: after 2 hours of waiting we have been placed on a flight at 6pm on standby and a safe place on a flight at 10pm
6pm: we don’t get any seats on tge standby flight, but we still have our 10pm flight, right? …right?
9pm: flight gets delayed
10pm: flight gets delayed
11pm flight gets delayed
12am: flight gets cancelled! Thanks American! I’ll surely be flying with you again

Pictures I took during my 20 hour stay at LGA:

Taking pictures from the bridge is great!

One of two new taxiway bridges at LGA’s Terminal B.

Even though LGA is much less of a city airport than I thought, the skyline still makes for great shots (at least if I had a camera).

My favorite aircraft speeding away.

To be completely honest, I imagined the Flag livery more impressive in real life. 8/10

Sun sets, and just like this aircraft we aren’t leaving the airport tonight.

Despite being awake all night I only discovered the view on the tower next morning.

I was very happy to see morning making an end to this horrible night (air conditioning was very cold and I hadn’t a good place to relax).

LGA rating: 7.5/10 (great, but honestly already seemingly at its capacity limit, at least Terminal B).

American Airlines rating: 4/10 (the flight in itself was good, especially the legroom, but the rest, including the staff in the plane and airport were disinterested in my opinion.)


This has to be my favourite. Lovely shot!

If this one were deleted, the topic would be 1000x better. 😜


I have no idea how my phone edited that picture, but whatever filter my phone applied, I couldn’t do. This was also one of the only spots without annoying sticker dots on the glass. I guess they were put there for birds?


12 hours*

i agree though, american sucks. the only thing i find nice is the cabin crew, they’re literally amazing. everything else is trash.

he spent the night at LGA, lol, hence why he said 20 hours

The 1st shot is insane! What phone did you use?


It was actually 20 hours! 12pm till 8am


I actually stayed 20 hours 😅 I wish it was a joke…
(Wait, I might have misunderstood what you meant, because I see 2 meanings, so just ignore this part…)

I use a Samsung Galaxy A51 which is quite good at making photos on short to middle range but sucks at being a phone 😂


Wait 12pm to 8am that’s 18 hours

As an unofficial American Airlines defender, and I have to be that one person to do this.

  1. It’s LGA 👀
  2. flying standby is stinky
  3. and idk about weather or anything else but usually flights aren’t delayed for no reason (which we all know).
    so, this is my two cents.
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True 😂 I feel even more embarassed as I calculated that a minimum of 3 times to be sure xD

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LGA actually was the best part of all of this since it was the brand new terminal, and I also only flew standby because my first flight was cancelled.

And yeah, staff issues that happen all around the world in aviation right now was most likely the reason. The thing that annoyed me the most though was, that I originally wanted to fly Delta, and basiscally all Delta (and other airlines’ flight) left more or less on time, and only AA had 30 cancelation that day at LGA.

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No, it’s 20.

12pm-12pm would be 24, minus 4 to get to 8am, 20h.


Wait, I am so confused…

I already questioned my sanity, but now I am questioning it even more… At least I can say i had it right the first time 😂

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yea. Staff shortage stuff and delays around the world are hurting airlines. I think just because AA is the largest it makes it more difficult for them to avoid stuff. They seem to resort to cancelling just to clear up the system or smth idk.

Let’s do it in increments of 6 hours, shall we?

12pm + 6h = 6pm (6h)
6pm + 6h = 12am (12h)
12am + 6h = 6am (18h)

As you can see, it doesn’t match up by 2 hours, therefore, yes, it is in fact 20 hours.

After all, it was just different reasons all coming together probably. I would have loved to stay at an airport at night, if there would have been some cozier spots than the benches in the gate waiting area through whose arm rails I had to put my long as hell legs through and that barely had padding while my butt was placed right on one of those mini tables between two sides of the bench


Ik ik, I blame it on it being midnight 😅

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its not…? i cant believe we havent agreed that 12pm to 8am is 20 hours lol

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Surely AA should’ve paid for a hotel or something?

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Nope, they actually said don’t even think about asking 😂 I wasn’t given a hotel room or some food voucher at least

Even TAP (which I at least know for its rather budget approach to these things) gave me a voicher for a 6 hour delay