Thanks all of you, IFC members

Hello everybody, I’m going to show u this image, that’s the post of 500 followers in Instagram!

I took this pic at LIBN, one of the most important military pilots’ academy in Europe and it’s located in the south of Italy (region Puglia).The airport name is Galatina and that’s full of cadets and pilots from all over the world (USA, Russia, Japan…)


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Great moon shot!


I’ve heard of this airport before! I came to Italy on a school trip one year ago and we learned about this place 🇮🇹 ❤️ Very cool! Awesome picture too! 😃


Nice picture!


This is somewhat the first time I have ever seen a person take a moonshot picture with the A-10C in the background, other people may have done it in the past but it’s the first time for me seeing a moonshot like this.

I don’t really have an opinion regarding if this is excellent or worse, but I will say that it’s a good photo nonetheless and hope for you to be able to perfect the art of moonshots!

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As an IFC member, you’re welcome!

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a moonshot with the A10 either, awesome photo, and great job!