Thanks again everyone!

Hello everyone! I started from scratch, I made mistakes but every day I always learned something more, and the merit is of this wonderful community, you helped me by giving advice and reading your articles, now there is only one landing to go up to grade 2, a small goal that I am happy to share with you! To thank you, I would like you to advise me on a European route for my last landing before rising in rank.
Thanks again to everyone


If you need help, the IfFC will always help you 🙂✈️


To answer your question, any route in the Swiss Alps is fun.


Congrats, hope to see you as grade 3 on the expert server soon! A great step in your IF career!


That reminds me, does anyone want to help me with my taxes?

But in all seriousness, that’s a big accomplishment. I remember my first flight on the expert server from YSSY to YMML and it was the best feeling. Have fun!


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