Thanking the Infinite Flight Staff

As many of you know, 23.3 came out yesterday. Unfortunately, when reading through the replies, I noticed a lot of negativity towards the developers. So, I thought that it might be nice to thank them! Make sure to show your thanks to this amazing team!


Best way to show love outside of likes and kind replies on the IFC are 5-Star Reviews in the App Store and PlayStore which can be provided every time the app receives an update. 🤩

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Already did that :) 5 stars and a great review!

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You have raised a good point, there will always be members in IFC who are dissatisfied with the progress or lack of progress in general with the new ongoing development of UI, new 3D airports, aircraft livery additions, new aircraft releases & the constant improvement of graphics as well new features added like weather, the updated navigation data etc. Some will have some valid reasons.

The difference is constructive criticism and the IF staff are doing their best to make the game better at every update.
It’s not an easy task.

I have my own take on things I feel it could done better but I’ve seen things that are definitely pulling in the right direction in aspects of the game.

Some have anticipated certain new developments that have been in the pipeline regarding project metal for a year, two years or even longer & as much I understand the frustrations and disappointment that the expectations have not quite met the level of expectations, we have definitely made steady, improvements.

Infinite Flight might not have the latest top of the range graphics with other nearest competitors out there, but for a mobile simulator game, it is pretty darn good with an amazing community that not has been replicated elsewhere.

Patience is a virtue - an overused phase here - it is in abundance, not necessarily a great thing but when new developments do come out with the update, it’s so worth the wait! 😎

So it’s imperative to be thankful to IF staff for all they do to bring joy & generate excitement to the IFC. They do like surprises!


This is very true. Constructive criticism is okay, such as POLITELY asking about a feature AND THEN not getting upset if you get told not right now, or possibly in the future. It’s the people saying 23.3 sucked. It’s like if you did work for a few months on a project, only to hear somebody say that it sucked. The devs made a great update, with plenty of features.


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