Thanking the Developers and Staff Behind IF

Hello everyone, I am making this topic for us all to give our thanks to the staff and development team who works really hard behind the scenes to make IF what it is. I know that there have been topics about this before but it’s usually just one person who makes the topic for themselves to say thank you to the staff. I want this topic to be for everyone to say thank you. I would like people who want to thank the staff write out why they love IF and what makes it so great. Being in the Computer field myself for my job I understand how little people say thank you to developers and I think that the least we can do, whether you pay for a subscription or not, is to say thank you and why. I’ll start it off.

I found IF a few months ago. At first I wasn’t sure about getting a subscription because , well, I have had bad experiences with flight simulators in the past. As soon as I started flying I realized that this was a flight sim like no other. I immediately got a subscription and have been flying online ever since. I even went as far as to get a joystick. I used to have my PPL so the fact that the aircraft fly so realistically really brings me back to IF over and over. I know from personal experience that making a game that runs smoothly and is successful is very difficult and I can’t imagine what goes on behind the scenes and how much time and energy you guys are putting into this. Heck, even if I was the last person on earth I’d try to keep IF running just so I could enjoy it. Forget food and water (maybe not completely, but forget them for a day or two) and just fly. So from the bottom of my heart I just wanted to say thank you to every staff member and person helping bring IF together to make it what it is. That goes for the moderators on the forum and all the active members who fly in IF. Whether they are active on the forum or not. Without everyone giving a little we, as a community, would not be where we are today. (and I probably would have lost a lot less sleep and actually been more productive in my job. haha)

So if anybody else wants to say thank you to the staff members or anybody here please feel free to reply to this topic. Thanks for having the patience to read through this rambling of mine. Time for me to go fly.


We can also thank them in the original topic.Tjey have been doing a good job though

Most of the topics I saw thanking them were closed. That’s also part of why I made this one. If you could PM me the link to the original I’d be glad to thank them there and close this topic. :)

Its pinned on top of the page

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I’m blind. Oops. Thank you.

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No problem :)

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The best way to thank them is with an app store rating and review.


I will do that when I finally get off the darn app for once today. lol

I’ll happily link my PayPal too 😏

In all seriousness, thanks for the kind words! It’s always nice to hear people with a good understanding of what generally goes on behind the scenes.

Interesting username by the way 🤪


Haha. Your welcome. And I came up with it when I was like 12 and just have kinda used it everywhere since then. Probably should grow up a little more by now.

Thanks for this :) @Chris_S is right! We’d LOVE to hear a short version of this along with your 5 star review on the app store. Having a higher rating helps us reach more people organically.



I’ll make sure to give y’all the best rating I can. ;)

That’s awesome. Great to have you onboard with us. If you ever need help with anything feel free to PM me.


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