Thanking ATC after your takeoff. What’s your opinion?

Dear IFATC and Expert Server community,

Among myself, I notice other pilots telling the tower “thank you, good day” after they have taken off. I do it all the time if there is active IFATC.

I wanted to know what the controllers think of this. Are you guys fine with it? In my opinion, I just do it because I think IFATC do an amazing job, especially on FNF!

I’d very much like to hear from IFATC and other Expert server pilots. What do you think of this?

Cheers everyone!


I normally thank the controllers after taking off, though the exception is if they are overloaded with traffic (like a really busy FNF)

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Hey there, as ATC and a pilot i normally say thank you in reply to change frequency then just off the bat after TO


I sometimes thank the controllers, but most of the time they are busy.


As a pilot, I usually say it after a given a frequency change approved command (after reading-back the command of course XD) just to say “thanks for your service” kind of thing. I try to check before doing this to see how busy the controller is, as I would prefer to not ‘clog’ up the frequency.


To answer your question: As an IFATC, I’m definitely fine with it. Sometimes I answer back with a “thank you good day” or “your welcome”. Always nice to see some pilots who appreciate the work and effort.

It’s not that often I notice a “thank” message from a pilot as I don’t always read the ATC responses.


They do not receive a blinking yellow warning like other commands for “thank you, good day”. A member of IFATC will have to confirm, but as far as I know, it doesn’t hinder their progress if you send this during times of busy traffic.


Welp, looks like my question has been answered! I mean… your ATC services are excellent and even the training server ATC have zilch qualities compared to you guys, so I guess I really appreciate it!


We always appreciate a “thankyou” 😉, even if we don’t have time to respond. The speech doesn’t broadcast for us, but usually see it in the logs 😊


I‘m always happy if I receive a „thank you“. :)
For me it’s totally fine and definitely appreciated if the freq isn’t too busy. If busy please avoid sending „useless“ messages though.

Always happy seeing a thank you message, unfortunately, unless the frequency is very calm we don’t hear them. We see them however!

As a pilot, I’ll normally respond thank you, good day to a frequency change and then tune out.

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I don’t mind it, I’m happy to hear pilots thanking me. In fact when I control most of the time, I’ll send “Thank you, good day” to most of my pilots for coming and being civilized 😊


It’s nice to know I’m doing a good job if I hear this. Doesn’t affect me in any way and is better hearing that than “request frequency change” after getting taxi clearance to the rnwy 😜

Never knew that, thanks!

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i feel as long as you respect their instructions and not make a fool of yourself, I think it is the same as saying thanks by reducing his workload used on you.

I do this but not on tower frequency since i dont wanna contribute to a maybe flooded frequency. I only do this on ground once i park.

if they are busy no but if its quiet or is tailing off shouldnt be too bad

When the airspace is not too busy it’s great. When it’s busy frankly it just adds clutter - it’s not like I will even know from which A/C the thank you is coming from - it’s just the reality of it.

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