Thank You…

This is a message to all my fellow aviators, and air traffic controllers. This is a big read and I don’t blame you if you pass it over. I just wanted to say. Thank you…

Thank you all so much for being so friendly, informative, and helpful. Unfortunately I am going to have to take a couple weeks away from this beautiful community, and Infinite Flight itself. I have been going through very hard times, as we all do. I’ve made some huge mistakes. I have not been true to myself. I have not been true to others either. This game has always been an escape for me. My mind has been a terrible place recently. Being able to spend an hour or more controlling airspace’s, or flying with all of you around the world has been a key piece to keeping my sanity. It’s addicting… Once you find that one thing that can give you just a moments peace in this loud and unforgiving world. You cannot get away from it.

I do not have many people to talk to. I haven’t had a lot of friends or acquaintances for the past couple months. This community changed that. I spend a long time reading what others are posting. Their pictures, thoughts, and complaints as well haha. It’s all so wholesome… Once I joined the discord server it was even more apparent. There are good people in this world.

Life is so precious. It is a balance. The key to being happy is finding it. Whether it’s something small or something big. You know what makes you happy. I spend a lot of time overcomplicating things, overthinking. Wasting my energy on the negatives. I am making the changes but it is difficult. It is a battle, in a never ending war. Some are won, and some are lost. The war goes on.

Sometimes in life. You come across someone or something that changes everything. It shines a light on the eternal darkness you thought you’d be stuck in forever. Sometimes you forget yourself… Sometimes you take certain things for granted. Sometimes you make mistakes.

These are inevitable consequences of being given such a gift from god.

I will see you all in a couple weeks!
Goodbye for now.



Thank you for sharing, that was very well said. I can’t wait for you to come back so we could do a flight or something sometime?

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I wish you good luck with whatever it is you’re dealing with. I always see you flying and I hope to see you back soon!


Echoing your sentiments. I always do my best, even if the frequency is busy, to thank every controller just b/f I switch over onto the ensuing freq.

That message was so inspiring! I hope you get better thepolice. Personally I am dealing with some hard challenges in my life too. Have a good night!

This is a interesting story you have made thank you for sharing

You are stronger than your mind, and you will overcome your struggles. Never stop giving up! Just know that the IFC is here for your support.

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Paramedic recovering from PTSD. This game put my mind at ease. I can so understand this:

Whatever is your struggles, you are not alone.

Hope to see you soon under better skies

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Hope life begins to treat you better. You sound like a nice person, my prayers go out for you

No I’m not gonna rickroll you here, I know my limits


Hoping your life goes back up north and beyond! well wishes!

I cant believe i read the whole thing lol

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dear, beautiful reflection presented in a few words to sum up your whole life. I hope your days are happy and that your life takes long and long flights. We are always in eternal learning and I wish that this time you gave yourself can bring you back and full of new energy for long and new battles.
I don’t know you, but I want the best of you wherever you are, today and always.
fraternal hug


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