Thank you!


I just want to extend a quick “thank you” to the IFATC controllers who helped me, (and many others), in today’s FNF! I really appreciate the hard work! I know it was SUUUPER busy today, especially in Cancun, so that makes me all the more appreciative for their amazing work. Keep up the amazing work! :)




Hey mate,

It’s always fantastic to hear appreciation for the IFATC controllers and the hard work and dedication they put in on a daily basis.

Hope that you enjoyed the FNF. Have a great day mate!


Thanks a lot for you appreciation. This Time Cancun was excepcionally busy. As IFATC, we put hard work in the FNFs. So appreciation means we are improving our skills, which it makes us better 😊


These type of topics make me feel good. Thank you for the kind words!

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Of course! I just want to give the credit to the people who very much deserve it :)

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Yep, Cancun was quite a job for the controllers tonight, that’s for sure… Although I think we needed a few traffic police people on the ground there!

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Definitely a big thanks. I felt sorry with you guys :)

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