Thank You!

Infinite flight means so much to me as a flight sim. No other place can I find such devotion to pilots, such dedication to the training of their ATC. Can I get a #THANKYOU to the developers (I.e. Mark, Joe, Tyler, Triston…) including the moderators and trainers and recruiters and spotters.
This game has made me feel like I fly every day…so can I get that #THANKYOU so our FlightCast team can see and hear our appreciation!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!
I hope one day to be a part of the community and I know I may not have reached that status but by George I’ll see you there :)



And same, this sim means lots to me. If it wasn’t for Infinite Flight, I probably would’ve lost my motivation to become a commercial pilot by now. So #thankyou to the devs for that. :)

And also, you’re already part of the community man! Just stay positive, comment your thoughts and opinions on other posts, make some (useful) topics, edit your profile so people can know who you are, and you’ll get recognized by this community pretty easily. :)

And since you haven’t joined too long ago, welcome to the forums! Welcoming you with open arms. 😄


Haha thank you man I appreciate that (or lady) and I am in love with this game! Also thank you for welcoming me. I just got the game early May and have been playing every day loyally since.
It’s amazing :)


Hopefully I’ll see you on the Advanced server sometime soon! And by the way, I’m a guy. Lmao.


Understood mate hard to know XD and I am in advanced server actually…go by the call sign of insert random livery508


Welcome to the family, IF is a great game indeed

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Glad you feel this way. Now, do yourself a favour and give yourself time to read the tutorials. They are very helpful and will improve your flying experience. Enjoy


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Great feedback guy!

Yes Infinite Flight is the best flight sim i have found on mobile plateforms

Also i am hoping that global flight will come this year maybe…

I hope you will have a lot of pleasure to share and fly with all of us!

Welcome to our great Infinite Flight Community!!!

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Cute. Mark and Tyler are not devs thoug, they are FDS staff. Joe is an ATC mod (but no less fabulous of course).