Thank you!

You way be wondering why this is in #screenshots-and-videos. Reason for that is I want to show you some my best shots and take a break from all the negativity. Let’s get back to what the community is meant for. But first I want to share my opinion about all of this cause it’s a little different from everyone else’s.

Here it goes:

I Still agree with what @RTG113, @Guxk and what @ran said. We all know that this has happened more than once. But at this point you have just distracted them and now they have to be more focused on this problem on the IFC, on social media and aren’t gonna be as focused as improving the game itself.

Let’s also just give the mods a break as well. With all of the poor behavior lately on the IFC they have just became babysitters of the forum. I can guarantee that none of the mods wanted to become a mod if they knew that would have to deal with this poor behavior lately. After all a moderator is supposed to monitor the forum but they shouldn’t have to deal with people saying “TL4 abuse their power” and people saying that they are bad. Just imagine we didn’t have any moderators. The whole comment that @Guxk made would have gotten out of control fast. Thankfully we have moderators to prevent that. Let’s thank every single one of them for their work. The community wouldn’t be where it is without these awesome people!

Now let’s get to the main point of this topic. I just want to share some of my IF pics which is what the IFC is meant for. The IFC is meant for a place to have fun and share to people your passion for aviation! I can tell everyone needs a break from what’s happening and we need to go back to what the IFC is meant for.

So here’s my photos. Hope you enjoy!

Mt. Everest



Mt. Kilimanjaro

Egmont National park in NZ



I hope you enjoyed them!

My message here is be grateful for the IFC and be thankful for mods and not hate against them. We all love the IFC for the same reason and it’s because of our passion for aviation! :)

Have a great rest of your day and always be nice!



Awesome photos, great work!

And I completely agree. The mods have been getting lots of heat recently, but they’re the ones that keep this place alive. Thanks for all you do, mods!


Yeah I agree. This place used to be so great and now there are so many problems. We should all ask ourselves what we can do to be better, and make this community better, instead of always placing the blame on everyone else.

Very cool pictures too!

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Yeah we need to stop blaming mods and stop blaming others and just enjoy the community as it was meant to be.

Great photos.

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In the topic he clearly stated (@ran) that its not all mods, some people need improvement, the IFC is far from perfect and can use some improvements I have almost left a couple times because of all the policing but I always choose not to because without it I would be very confused.

nice shots btw.


Amazing pics, @SamC! Keep it up!

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Great photos! Now we can be a happy bunch!

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Thank you very much @Butter_Boi @anon74260613 @Frequentfliyer @StormyAviation @Robertine and @United2! 😊


Does anyone have any ideas on where I should get more photos? Like what places

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Definitely the Alps or coastal areas. Great pictures you have here, thanks for sharing!

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Amazing topic and pics, thanks @SamC 👍

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Alaska and the Rockies are also amazing places to go! 😉

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Yes @JulianB and @Butter_Boi those would be great!

Also @Omar thanks! 😊


Idaho sawtooth mountains airport 2U7.

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@JulianB and @Butter_Boi I updated the topic with 3 new pics. Hope you enjoy them! Same with everyone else😊

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I definitely did, thanks for the tag!

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The new ones are cool too, well done!

Interesting take and certainly a creative way to post an opinion piece. The above isn’t true and we’re still full steam ahead on the contents of 20.2 There is nothing that can be solved here on the forum by us dropping all development projects and sitting in a circle. The Community Forum, much like our online servers, takes a collaborative effort for everyone to coexist in a positive environment. We can’t do it without you and vice versa!

Many changes in the way we communicate have been implemented. Though unnoticed, we have made strides to be more mindful of perception and the way humor is received. Our Moderators also work hard at this and will continue to do so! I hope that there is also some inward reflection from our veteran forum goers to find ways to improve the way they interact as well, ultimately leading by example.

Oh, and nice pictures! Mt. Everest looks stellar.


Beauty pics Sam! I should post some of mine I have!

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Awesome mountain pictures! We all could do things to make the forum a better place for everybody haha.

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