Thank You!

As all of us have seen, a lot of work goes into making something like the 20.1 update. What we don’t realize is how hard it actually is to make something like Infinite flight look this good. So lets get into it…

@jasonrosewell @Laura @philippe: thank you for making Infinite flight, infinite flight. The literal best mobile flight sim on the market today!! You guys put so much heart and soul into making this beautiful mobile sim functional and out there. You guys do so much to help others and make IF better. The design quality and effort is amazing.

@Tyler_Shelton: Thank you for keeping the IF skies safe, and maintaining the Expert Server professional skies. I would personally say that you are the backbone of ALL ATC operations. Center ATC is an amazing mile stone for IF, and to have to maintain it, brief, and train all IFATC operators (before it came out) is something not all people can do

TBH i personally think that is what you did to help with the center frequency

@schyllberg: Thank you for fixing all the technical issues, like the one we experienced today. We can understand that you work so hard to help others with their #support problems. You will never be short of AWESOME!!!

@dax @techAPJ @zogstrip @martin_discourse : thanks for managing the discourse!!

@MishaCamp: Thanks for all the fun FNF’s, and social media pics. You never fail to impress. (Your Instagram stories are pretty funny too)

@Cameron: Thanks for working on UI instruments that power our flights. Your job is what keeps us in the skies. Thanks for that

Thank you ALL beta testers for finding issues and bugs with the new things that are coming that no one knows about!!!

Thank you all DEVS and graphic designers that made the 777 and the new liveries possible

@tomthetank @AdamCallow @Marc @Damian @DeerCrusher @Chris_S and the staff: For moderating IF and keeping the necessary topics open and available for our commentary!!! Also thanks for answering all of my questions P.S i still have more.

Thank you IFAET for making all the airports up to par

Thank you all IFATC members for keeping the expert server skies free of trolls and safe to fly in.

And finally…

Thank you IFC for answering almost everyone’s questions literally within a minute. We all know that who ever posts the first answer/solution in a topic wins!!!

See you in the skies,

If i missed you or your job please let me know. No one is left out!!
Also sorry devs and staff for tagging you


I definitely agree with what you have said, however please don’t tag developers :)


Absolutely amazing message, however I think devs don’t enjoy being tagged :(

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Yes absolutely this update is amazing. It may take me a few days to get used to everything. I am so happy we get to see airport layouts, now I wont have to search for terminals from the air as much. I also noticed the 737 has had its mechanics altered which helps a lot especially when it comes to ground effect. It is the little things we notice.

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Sorry I just want them to be heard

Oh trust me they are!

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cheers minimod


Awesome post! Misha’s Instagram stories do make me laugh 😂

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