Thank you!

Hi guys! Thank to you im in grade 2! i am being more proffesional and im making more and more long haul flights! I just counted that today i did like 4 flights already this day! I just wanted to thank you guys on the support on my post called “Landing good” And thanks to you i can land pretty good now! :D

Thank you all //Anton :D



Now you can enjoy ATC, however just be aware these are anyone, so can sometimes be a pain.

There are also system violations:

  • Over 250knts under 10,000ft (in most aircraft).
  • Performing acrobatics near airspaces.
  • Exceesing the aircraft’s natural top speed.
  • Taxiing over 35knts on ground.
  • Staying idle on a runway for a while.

I think that’s it.

Hopefully we’ll see you on the Expert Server in no time!


It’s over 260kts under 10,000 MSL to incur a violation now to my knowledge. Which is great because we can now maintain 250kts during our climb and descent according to real life procedures and not worry about airspeed fluctuating due to autopilot or winds.

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You forgot the runway idle violation, where if you stay on a runway for more than a minute you’ll get one, but only if ATC isn’t active, if they told you to line up and wait it won’t count

How it works is it will let you go up to 260 knots, then once you hit 260 you have to slow down below 250 until the warning goes away, so you can exceed 250 until you hit the 260 mark then you need to slow down below 250



Your 1 step closer to the ES!


Dear Anton,

Well done 😊



I just tested it then and didn’t have to slow down to 250kts after exceeding 260kts to remove the violation warning message.

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Thank you Anton :)


Thank you 😊

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Really? Every time Ive done it once you hit 260 knots you have to slow down before 250


You can actually sit at 259kts below 10,000 and you will not get any violations. I like to slow down to 255 so I don’t run the risk though, I have done it before.

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That’s not what I’m trying to say. You can go above 250 knots, but once you hit 260 you are then forced to stay below 250 knots-you can’t stay above 250 knots any longer until your speed drops below 250, then you can exceed it again

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Congrats. Just before Christmas. Enjoy, blue skies.

Have a good xmas




Congrats on getting to G2! Training server is So much better than casual server. I hope you have a good time, and a good journey to reaching the Expert servers!

Cheers :)

Don’t be surprised if you see impatient people cut in front of you on takeoff without requesting takeoff. Some people just want to watch the world burn

Thank you! Merry christmas to you too!

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Thank you for this answer! And im whit you! Training server is so much better!

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