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I know we see these all the time, but I really do feel the need to say something. Today is my one year anniversary on the forum and let me say it’s been a great year. I do have a few points I need to touch on that I find very important.

I was curious that why in Infinite Flight we had no Class Alpha Airspace’s, so I googled it and ended up here. I will never forget that my first comment ever was to sign up for an event at Phoenix. Well from there I kind of just kept going and going and then I eventually became a regular for six months and then lost it but still work hard for it. Infinite Flight has helped me so greatly throughout my time in the field of aviation. It’s taught me so much, and it’s given me the opportunity to fly when I still have years before I can in real life for the airlines. I’ve been with Infinite Flight for 5 years now and I’ve loved every minute of it. I remember when Global came out and I was so amazed and that’s really what gave me that push to become a pilot. I’ve seen aircraft additions and redactions, and have seen people come and go. This community provides an escape from all the negativity of the outside world. A place I can come and discuss aviation and be happy, even if the rest of my world is falling apart. This community is the first place I ever publicly came out as gay. The support I received from everyone was incredible and made me more comfortable with who I am as a person. If it were not for certain people making me feel comfortable here I would still be closeted. I’ve met some incredible people here. I truly have. I owe so much to them. And that’s part of what makes this community so great, the fact that I’ve literally only ever met Misha, Laura, Jason, and Philippe (who gave me a free shirt, thanks man!), but I feel so connected to everyone else like I’ve known them my whole life is absolutely incredible to me. Not many people know except for everyone in the #lounge are aware that I struggle with IBD. This past week I was home sick for four days. When I’m in tremendous pain and feel like I can’t go anymore, Infinite Flight is there for me. It’s given me the opportunity to fly when that chance is so far away in the real world. So thank you to everyone at the team for that it truly is incredible. To have a place where I can forget that I have IBD, and be open as myself, but at the same time it’s not centered around that, it’s centered around Aviation and Infinite Flight is incredible because you truly can’t find that anywhere else. And if you look at my profile, I have visited 351 of my 365 days here. The only days I have missed are when I am international and don’t feel like paying for WiFi. That’s how important this place is to me. I’ve been staff at three Virtual Airlines in my time here. I started a VA and met incredible people along the way. The friendships we made are worth it in the end. Everyone’s support when we opened was amazing and when we got shut down one day later, I didn’t care about that, because I knew I had everyone else. I’ve been talking a while about this so I’ll wrap it up but I need to thank some very important people here first:

@den.aviation you will and always will be my broadway bro. So stick it to the man 🤟🏻

@AviationJack you have been so kind and nice and it’s great talking to you everyday

@DeerCrusher your constant attempts to try to make Grease a thing has provided so much entertainment for me

@Regulars you guys were there for me and welcomed me with open arms in my time period there

@Sashaz55 over time you have truly become one of my favorite people on this community and from me hiring you to you hiring me, I have so many expectations for our VA

@Connor although you can’t see this at the moment, you have helped me so much with finding who I am. From out midnight discussions to me coming out to you, it’s been great

@Dylan_M wow. It’s been real man. You truly have been a great friend. We’ve known each other almost since my first day on the community and it’s been great. From our first discussion about how fire drills are too loud to realizing we’re twin brothers separated at birth, I wouldn’t trade any minute of it. We’ve been through so much together and I truly enjoy having you there.

So thank you to everyone here at Infinite Flight and thank you to the community. It’s been a great year and I can’t wait for all to come!


99% of the time I feel the same way everyday. I feel you brother.


I know you are thanking, but these posts are suitable for this topic. Have a great day and anniversary.

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I had to smile when I read that part. It describes what we should all be striving for here. Behind every profile picture and username there is a person with his own story and background. And despite all these differences, we ended up in the same place: Here at the IFC. You’re right, there are a lot of great people around here. And it is fun every day to see a new face again or to learn something new about others.

And I am very happy for you that you have found people here who can give you support even in hard times. For friendships, it often makes little difference whether you live in the same street or on other continents. That’s the great thing about our time.

I wish you all the best, good luck, good health, joy, friends, stability and strength. I hope you feel a little better soon. See you around, Jackson! It’s good to have you here with us.


Thanks so much Marc! It’s been great knowing you as well!

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It’s been so great being your friend Jackson! Cheers to another year! Oh and what @Marc said that part makes me smile!

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It has been great being your friend as well. I don’t even know how I think @Marc wrote what we were all thinking in a perfectly worded paragraph


I think this deserves its own topic.


As also quoted by @marc this is something special. I’m the very same, except I am heterosexual. It is my main output to my life when it turns down and really is an amazing feeling to know you have someone patting your back, even though you never may meet them, you’ll still know they’re there for you. Cough @Qantas094.

There are many people in this forum, that may seem so formal, and snappy, but when you really get talking to them, you’ll enjoy it, and find out what they like and parts of their life. There are a lot of community members not even on the forums, if not the game anymore that I talk to, and it’s quite amazing.


I need to thank you Jackson. You are such a great person and I love every minute talking to you. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Cheers to another year of great accomplishments, heath, and strength!

Fly Safe!✈️

  • AviationJack

Well said! This community is a awesome place to spend time with so many people and the friends I have made here. I truly feel like this is the best community out there! Well said @JacksonAviation! And I hope you feel better!

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had the same thought reading this. Just when I think about it, I notice how IF is sort of a second world I live in. Not in a negative way, its just a place for me to outlive and share my passion for aviation with others. And this second world has a so much more positive mood to it, totally different worries.

Glad to be here since about 4 years now, certain to say that with the IFC (in total, on any platform) Ive found the right place

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Thanks so much Jack it means a lot!


Thank you! I’ve been feeling better today, and I even went into work


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