Thank you!

Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you for all the questions you’ve answered, all the things you told me. I just want to thank each and everyone for helping me through the forums.

You may be wondering why I made this post. Well its because I finally made it to TL2!
if some of you guys remember one of my first posts was " Any tips on getting TL2 " and all of you guys really helped me out on that so thanks!

So to send you off I just give one big thanks to the entire community and dev team!

( My events will be coming in later weeks, cya then! )


Congrats! Although, we don’t need this topic for something we can look at your profile for :)


Last time I made a topic like this I got 40 likes…

Maybe you will… 😝

Anyways congratulations!!! Now shoot for regular

Geez that got a lot of flags…

Let’s not make this about likes, that’s not the main thing to focus on. ;)

@Everything_Matthew Congratulations! @Altaria55 has a point; if everyone made a topic when they got to the next TL, the forum would be overcrowded with these topics. I therefore suggest refraining from posting such topics in the future. However, I do sincerely congratulate you on your achievement. Best of luck in your future endeavors!


I don’t see an immediate need for this topic. But, I will say congrats, TL2 opens up so many opportunities, when I got TL2, I was exited too.

Hope you get regular soon!