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Hey guys, I just found this on a magazine in the UK. It’s an article describing IF and saying how it’s the leading simulator on the mobile platforms. It just shows how much we have come since all those years ago. I still remember the good old KNUC way before global. But now we have amazing scenery, aircrafts and liveries, plus an excellent community. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Laura and her team for making this game better and better everyday.



That is remarkable to see, I agree with everything you said. Who would have thought the sim would develop into what it has, certainly not me. I’m pleasantly surprised and in awe every time I fly! ❤️


This truly is becoming the pinnacle of mobile technology. No other words for it other than this.

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It’s so cool to see IF the PC Pilot Magazine, It’s a really popular flight sim news source! I might buy this month’s issue just for the Infinite Flight article:

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KNUC was where it was at!! I remember flying from KLAX-KNUC in the Emirates B77W.


I’m not surprised! Infinite flight has it all, the physics, global, an arsenal of liveries , live weather data, live atc, an extremely devoted team, a wonderful community etc… I can go on and on .


I remember how everyone would just spawn at KNUC 😂😂😂😂 and fly towards LA or San Diego


That was on TS1 so no IFATC we’re managing so there were 10 airplanes on final at one time!

Thats so cool! I wish I had that magazine to keep in my aviation “things” collection.

What’s the magazine?

EDT Just seen further down it’s PC Pilot ( been handy if been mentioned in the first post ;-) ). Will have to pick up a copy.

I first found out about IF in PC pilot in about 2015 when they had a small article about APPS use in the flight sim world.

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