Thank You!

Hi, IFC! usually I would be posting a question or a feature or request but today I would just simply like to say Thank You! 🙏🙏 All of you have supported me and have made me feel confident and comfortable in this great, wonderful community! You have guided me when I have done something wrong, given me positive feedback to encourage me and you have given negative feedback to help me improve! I could not ask for better people in this community as every single one of you has given something to make this community as happy and as joyful as it could possibly be! I would especially like to thank all the staff for putting together this community and for creating to highest standards! Thank you to everyone for answering my questions and for being respecting towards my requests!

Kind regards


Hey man no problem! We are all glad that you are enjoying your time here on the IFC. But yes the best part is being a community as a whole! This community is sometimes more important than the IF app because of how nice, friendly, and respectable people are and how much more they interact on here. It truly makes IF different than most flight simulators! Enjoy your time here like the rest of us here and have a good one!


Thank you for the amazing letter! :)

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Your very welcome!! !


Not a problem! You took the words right out of my mouth when I would give a description of the Infinite Flight Community. Always helpful, always positive, full of instresting stuff to do and share with your fellow community members. I as well as others would be proud to be helping you and others on this forum as a Regulars or members in their spare times, and to hear that we and other members engage in this forum that sets this community apart from the rest.

Smooth Skies


You welcome!!!i will send you a PM

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