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Hello everyone. Sorry for the giant paragraph

I would like to talk about my experience with infinite flight and I would also like to thank the developers for creating this amazing simulator. So first off, I would like to thank all the developers for their hard work and making it so realistic to the point where I’m literally addicted to it! The main thing I want to talk about is my experience with infinite flight which goes all the way back to December 2015 when my dad got me a model of an Emirates A380 because he knew I liked jets, we used to go to airshows all the time when I was younger. I became so fascinated with the model and even playing with it that I decided to download a plane game of my phone and I just so happened to come across infinite flight which looked the best out of all of them (obviously). Over the next 9 months I learned how to fly all the planes, I learned a LOT about aviation I learned who the staff and developers were, I made a ton of friends and I learned about the grading system. I love this simulator so much that it has made me love aviation, so much that I want to be an airline pilot when I’m older. What I love about Infinite flight is that it is so realistic, the plane sounds, the airports, the plane physics, it’s very realistic especially with global coming, I didn’t even know it was the next update until last November. To sum my experience up, the app has made me not just love aviation but it is now a huge part of my life, all thanks to everyone on this forum and I can’t thank you enough. Skipping to July 11th 2016, this is the day I joined the infinite flight community forum where I met new friends, I learned how to fly the planes in Infinite flight thanks to Mark Denton and I learned what violations and ghosting was. The infinite flight community has been a big part of my Infinte flight experience because here I feel welcome, everyone is here to support you and have a laugh and I don’t think I would be here on this forum today if it weren’t for all the developers and staff and everyone who makes infinite flight what it is, so I say thankyou to everyone. To finish things off I would like to say it is my 1 year anniversary on this forum in 9 days and I have reached a massive goal of 500 flight hours!

That right there is a year (and a couple of months) of playing Infinite flight! Thankyou to everyone on this forum for creating this amazing simulator, if it wasn’t for you all then I wouldn’t be here today.

Darth Sidious It might not be the best thankyou but you know what I mean


Congradulations! I saw you in SoFlo getting your 500th hour in a C172. :)


I saw you and him while I was controlling you 2 ;)


500 hours is quite impressive, I have been flying for almost 10 months, and I only got about 100. It must have taken a long time to work to this stage 👍🏻


That is the same reason I keep coming back here everyday

“because here I feel welcome, everyone is here to support you and have a laugh”


Yeh. I play infinite literally every day every week every month and I try to do atleast 2 flights everyday after school each of them being a minimum of 20 minutes and now that I am of for summer I can do 8 flights every day! Sometimes when I’m going for a shower or you going for a walk or something I will normally take my cessna 172 out at PHDH (Hawaii) and fly for as long as I can until I’m back :)


Well done on your amazing achievement!

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I congratulate you on your hard most from the upmost feelings. Congratulations again and see you in the skies!

Happy Flights :)

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Now we know why Anakin joined the dark side… :D

Cheers man, the community sure is a good place! Have a good one.

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Congratulations Darth!

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Congrats! I can’t wait for you to reach 1,000 hours!

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Congrats on 500 hours. That takes a lot of dedication!


Congrats on 500 hours. Happy flying :)

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well done i will never get that close

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your welcome :) well done

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Well done on your 500 hours! I hope you can get more and become a better pilot while doing it (not saying your a bad pilot I have not even seen you fly)

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You will one day :)

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“One Day”

I mean, with global you will… But Maybe not as much XP…

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we will see about that 😂😂

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Is 500 hours the world record in Infinite flight?