Thank you.. you do such a wonderful job

I just want to thank all you atc guys out there for doing such a stellar job, ground, you guys rock, really from the bottom of my … heart


i agree, thanks to my BEST atc: @Driscan @Butter575 @Pandalife518 @IF787 and others, yall do so good!


i dont think you guys get quite enough recognition… i think you should get more, i especially want to thank you for keeping me so sharp on my ground and taxi skills!!! nothing like running around the worlds largest airports getting familiar with all those hard to get to spots! So again, THANK YOU

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Thank you so much! @member_of_oneworld, I’m not one of your favorite IFATC controllers? I’m extremely offended. jk, that’s fine.

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@AviationSauce … ur my favorite! id love to tell you how much i enjoy taxing across your entire beautiful airport! Thanks bro! 😉 HMU sometime… id love to understand why you do what you do

so sorry😂 i have never had your atc but you are one of my favorites

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haha, no problem, just joking.

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@Nanadukes14 & @LesterXavier are the best 😎

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