Thank you very much! (And my current Location for tonight 10-21-15)

I have been here for almost 2 weeks now, and I just have to say: Thank you very much everyone! In one way or another you have been a great big help! Everyone here is friendly and they never cease to help out others, never have I been to a community where EVERYONE fits in, belongs, and is loved! So thank you so much people of the IF community! And an even bigger thank you to the dev’s and mods (Misha in particular! ;) Also I want to announce I will be in and out of Chicago tonight on the PG server (probably going to take off from O’Hare (KORD/ORD) as usual! Till’ then, see ya! -Much love, Adam


I totally I agree with you. I’ve been here longer but never decided to go on the community and IF has the best community ever! And I hope it stays like this because no matter what everyone is trying to help you and I love that.

“A game is not complete without a community”

-Qarti 660 Heavy


Nicely said @Toothless. This community is for sure one of the best out there. Everyone is friendly and that is what makes it special. Everything is clean, relevant, and interesting. Thanks to everyone here that makes this place awesome. :)

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Yes this forum is the best on that I have been on! Thanks @Swang007 for having a huge role in keeping it that way! You are very mature and seem to resolve anything!

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