Thank You Twocflyer

BREAKING NEWS (just for fun -- the real stuff is down below)

SWA100 has made an emergency landing!!!

The plane, operated by @BigBert10 as WN527 flying from Las Vegas to Houston-Hobby, experienced multiple interruptions and failures shortly after takeoff from Runway 26R. The pilots tried to fix the problem to move on with the flight but had failed. As a result, the pilots declared an emergency and headed back to Las Vegas.

The controller at the time was twocflyer. After notifying him of our situation, he was understanding and safely helped us back to the airport. He took all safety precautions while the emergency aircraft was inbound calling some to go around and delayed some.

@BigBert10 stated, “The experience in that flight was thrilling. There were many moments where we thought we wouldn’t be able to make it back due to the severity of the situation and the length of time the app kept on freezing. Nonetheless, twocflyer was able to handle the situation properly as we squawked 7700 and guided us to a safe landing on Runway 19L. As we taxied to the gate, the surrounding taxiways were all empty allowing us to have a slow taxi back to the gate in case IF were to freeze up again. We will be waiting here patiently for the official report to see the cause of this problem.”

“NTSB” investigators will be looking into what could’ve been the cause of the failures of this airplane and app. Many, including @BigBert10, suspect WiFi problems could’ve been the cause.

See below for the whole flight of SWA100. This is the official photo of the incident. The whole flight was 33 minutes long.

If you saw what happened to my flight above, I was experiencing some technical difficulties with the app shortly after I took off from Las Vegas to Houston-Hobby. After signing off with the controller, @Twocflyer, I began turning toward Houston and that was when I began experiencing problems.

I decided that I could not go on and declared an emergency and “squawked 7700.” @Twocflyer handled everything perfectly and I was able to make a safe landing.

This quick thread was made to give thanks to @Twocflyer and to share his remarkable IFATC act for being able to handle the situation as I was coming in for landing.

I contacted him and he guided me toward Runway 19L at KLAS. As I was on final, I kept disconnecting and reconnecting and disconnecting and reconnecting. @Twocflyer knew of my issue and focused on the area where I was and where I would be landing. I think he also called for a few delays to make sure I was on the ground safely and without any interruptions or interferences. He even took precautions and made the airplane that was behind me go around to make sure the runway was clear for me to leave whenever.

This is to show that he as an IFATC controller knows how to handle different situations placed on him and for that, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to him. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to land at KLAS (conflicting traffic) and the result could’ve been way different.

Not only does this show @Twocflyer’s amazing act, it also shows how great IFATC is. There are some flaws to them but I seriously love IFATC’s professionalism and thinking on handling emergency situations. Tyler put together a great team of aspiring controllers and it proves since @Twocflyer helped me to land and park safely. It shows how IFATC is understanding and won’t just ghost for no reason. Any of you who are scared of IFATC ghosting you, this here is the proof that says otherwise. IFATC does not consist of monsters, but consists of controllers who want to help you have a great time and will help you in emergency situations.

Message to mods:

I know these threads aren’t generally allowed, but the experience I had with @Twocflyer today made me feel really grateful for him and the fact that IFATC is not only there to give you a pleasant time, but to also help you if there is something wrong. With these factors combined, I wanted to share my experience with the IFC and to show how awesome IFATC could be. Keep on striving! :D

Respect to @Twocflyer, Tyler if only I could tag him so he could see this, and the IFATC team.

If you want to see more pictures, PM me.


@Tyler_Shelton We should add this to our testimonials. ;)


Yeah, anyone who gets afraid of IFATC ghosting them can come to this thread 😃

IFATC are not monsters


How can we squawk 7700? Squawking isn’t in any systems, I’m assuming you’ve changed callsign??

“IFATC: does not consist of monsters. May contain traces of nuts, though.”



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Good luck getting your PIREP accepted. 😉

I do not believe that a post wishing to congratulate an ATC is banned. I am a critic of ATC. Because I have seen a lot of nonsense coming from them. I do a lot this when they do a job that is worth the congratulations. Now we must separate the good and the bad. Have ATC that I do not want to talk to, but there are others who are excellent and deserve the congratulations because it shows that the IF community is improving and maturing. Criticize yes, praise with certainty.
If you look on the internet summer that in real aviation has disagreement between tower and aircraft. This is very normal, now I got myself wrong once I lost my head with an ATC and it got bad on both sides. This I do not advise let’s keep respect above all else.

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@Jack_Nolan It’s simple…you could either change your callsign (i didn’t) or add 7700 to your display name (I did that)

@AviationJack I didn’t file a PIREP for that flight

It was KLAS-KLAS, what do you expect 😂


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