Thank you Tokyo Tower!

Hi all,

I’m new to the IF community and absolutely love the sim, and especially the learning curve of flying.

I went into the training server to attempt my first ATC controlled flight today. I choose an airport that had tower atc only, in order to keep the technical requirements a little less stressful.

I want to say thanks to the controller who was working the Tokyo tower today. I screwed up my taxi route and announced “I’m Sorry”. The controller guided me to the approved runway for takeoff.

It was a great experience and thanks a bunch!

I’m going to practice proper approach procedures, especially for busy airports like EGLL or KLAX before I attempt an ATC guided flight.

Thanks all. The forum is great!


Welcome to the forum! I’m glad you had a good experience :)


Welcome! Glad your enjoying IF, ATC is really great on Training and Expert Server! If you need me to do ATC for you just let me know!


In happy to hear that!, my first experience with ATC was good, that happened in Training Server, and my first experience in Expert Server was worst lol, I got my first ghost 🤣🤣

Will do. Thank you!

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