Thank You to the IFATC’s for My flight Today at (VIDP - VECC)

Dear IFATC’s for (VIDP) and (VECC),

First I would like to Thank you for my smooth flight from the Two Airports Shown above. The IFATC’s at both airports shown Precision and a high level of professionalism to the Awesome Pilots on the Ground and Air. This professionalism granted me a Smooth Takeoff at (VIDP) and a Butter at (VECC) which sometimes doesn’t happen often to others because of spacing between the Incoming and Departing aircrafts. I’ve been Absolutely Excited to fly On Expert servers every since I reached Expert a few days ago. The Pilots and ATC on Expert are on Next level Professionalism!! I’m going to keep flying with this Productive community of awesome pilots and make sure I continue to Spread the Butter! Thank you for your Brief time!

The Following were the IFATC’s from my flight today: @Raze - (Ground, Tower, ATIS, VIDP) @Siddhansh - (Approach at VIDP) @BAK_UOV - (Tower, Ground, ^Not sure if you were ATIS^) Once Again Thank you for your Professionalism on my flight today! It’s always nice for a simulator to be very Realistic ;)


But did they ask you to turn off your flight plan tho?

What do you mean? 😀😂

Like, when your APP is Going before the Localizer that they tell you to turn so you enter it right at the beginning?

I had a great experience on my way into Delhi. The controller were great!

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I’m a bit confused as of what your asking but I’m guessing your talking about when they say enter “Left Base” “Right Base”. If your talking about that then Yes my ATC did tell me to enter Right base runway 19L at (VECC). The visibility was VERY low so I had to do an Instrument Approach (I19L) because of the Visibility 😀

That’s Awesome to hear that someone agreed with me 😇

Glad you enjoyed the flight! We always love hearing feedback like this!


You are Absolutely Welcome my Friend! ;)
I’m going to head on to another flight to VIDP for another Ro - TA - TAY and another butter in the 787. Maybe you can catch me again 🙂


@Captain_Ian this was a really nice gesture to write this up and taking the time to commend the controllers by username. It’s nice to see the Expert Server and IFATC getting recognition from the community! Glad to see you met the Expert Server requirements recently. See you in the skies! ✌️

The Radar controller won’t ask a pilot to turn off his flight plan. I don’t even know what that means…
There may be times where the controller tells the pilot he can be expected to deviate from his flight plan, for example to ensure better separation, or an approach at a better angle. The pilot should always follow these vectors, and deviate from his flight plan, if the ATC requests this.

Thank you for the Positive Feedback, I hope I see you in the skies and Spread the butter! ;)

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Are you satisfied with my service! I’m really happy. :)
Have a great day😁

And you have a “Frequency Approved” Awesome Day! 😉😁


🤣 priceless


And you my friend!!! Have a “Number 1 Clear to land day” 😏😏😏

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Turn to exit his/her flight plan

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