Thank you to the IF team!

So I was just looking around and doing some research on infinite flight and all I can say is wow. I want to thank all the people that are working around the clock to make this one of the best flight simulation app out their! The fact that you have grown to this world wide sensation in just around 7 years is amazing! I do remember just have basic ( but still cool) IF was when it just came out, with a few airports and aircraft, and now 34 aircraft and global flight coming soon. I’m just amazed in how hard you have all work to make this app grow to the success that it is at now. their is not one thing that I would change about this app. Just when I think that the app is perfect just the way it is, you all come out and knock our socks off with yet again another amazing update! I truly, truly love this app. All your large market competition can’t even come close to the awesomeness of this app. I do know how long it take to code for a plane to move down a runway and you have gone above and beyond with this app! Thank you very much for making such a fun flight and piloting experience! Thank you all. You are doing a great job and I only see this app getting bigger. You are inspiring new and young pilots. Keep doing what you! :)


Did that really needed a new thread?