Thank you to the ATC peeps at FACT today who got me down on a 9 min fuel emergency

TY to all those who worked to get FedEx 327 down today. I appreciate the help. Sorry if i spammed emergency every 10 mins or so, just needed to get down! I landed safely at FASH and got the cargo to the recipients!


I would PM this to the controller rather than making a topic just for this…

I actually believe that controllers would feel appreciative for this kind of topic, it’s a well done to the controllers. It’s a thanks for what they do and it makes them feel happy on the inside, for that reason I think the topic should stay.


I agree. You don’t see many of these on the forum.

Not sure about this but I could make a thread for thanking the IFATC if people would use it

They are the best out there!

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