Thank You to Infinite Flight!!

Thanks Infinite flight

Since I was 6 I have been playing Infinite flight, and now 9 years later I’m starting my life as a pilot by completing my first solo for my PPL in late November to then hopefully go onto my training to become a Commercial Pilot for an Airline like British Airways!

So I just wanted to say thank you for brining my career of aviation to life!!
Events posted by staff and other Community members were absolutely amazing especially the JFK rework fly in by @Kostas_K also would like to thank @Dan for the amazing streams!

Keep it up IF

The updates always impress with major airports, a new aircraft re work and more liveries.

Thanks IF for the greatest mobile sim!!

Also very grateful that I was able to be a pilot for @easyJetVirtual and the Head of Human Resources for @LuftyVirtual !!!


Congrats dude ✈️ keep pushing on and make the dream a reality well done !!

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Thank you, appreciate it dude!!


Hello, I wish you success in your career. We are proud of all the pilots who dreamed of flying since their childhood. They are used to playing infinite journey. And now they are real pilots. this is very good. I hope everyone can fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot. I wish you and me success in our professional live👨‍✈️✈️.


Thanks a lot mate, good luck to you aswell!!

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