Thank you to IFATC

Just wanted to put my respects on record. I’ve just flown into Washington and it couldn’t have been smoother, despite all that traffic! My hat is off to all of you for your commendable efforts, today as every day.


thanks it’s always appreciated when we receive these messages. what airport did you land on (iad or dca)?

if it was IAD maybe it was me who cleared you to land

Yes a massive thank you to the IFATC for their participation in their volunteering work esp KIAD and earlier for me BIKF today
Much appreciated!

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If some of you want to make a contribution, now it’s the time to join IFATC.
I have failed my test but it doesn’t deter me from trying again


Just hate those trick questions
Will get there soon enough 😎

Hey, yeah it was you. I did tip you a little thank you before I changed frequencies if you managed to catch it? :)

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Hey, just closed IAD approach. Always a pleasure to control with nice pilots! Cheers


it’s been the busiest session of my life so probably didn’t see it, even though I tried to respond to all the ones I could hear

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Heh, no response needed when you’re that busy! Just knowing my appreciation got through to you is quite important to me :)

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