Thank You To Everyone For Such A Great Year On The IFC!

Hello, IFC!

This one is for all of you out there 😉

Yes, i do this once a year, and yes, it’s cheesy but i think it’s really deserved, especially this year.

I would like to first of all, thank the mods here on the IFC.

The past 12 months have been quite a wild ride for everyone, but especially for the moderators. Due to Coronavirus, the population on the IFC has boomed, leading to some instability in some areas of the forum. It was an extremely hard task for the mods to deal with all the new members, but they still did so swiftly and efficiently. They used kindness and stayed human even after so much unruliness on this forum. Many if not most other forum mods would just close topics using repeated messages and would ban unkind users in the blink of an eye, but not our mods. They stayed kind, funny, and more than ever, they showed how much they love this community. They keep working tirelessly to make this forum a better place, and stay awesome even after dealing with the community, but also their personal lives, because covid affects everyone, so THANK YOU!

I also wanted to thank the devs. They too have been working nonstop to make amazing features in the simulator. Just to remind you that in a year, the sim has gotten a rework of some of the biggest aircraft in the sim, many new liveries, and 3D buildings at airports! That’s simply incredible (IMO). The devs haven’t let anything stop them. From a deadly pandemic to the jetblue livery thread, they kept going and keep releasing amazing features just for us :)

Thank you so much devs! IF definitely wouldn’t be the same without you 🙃

As corny as this sounds, I wanted to thank the community itself as well. As I have said at least 3 times already, this year has taken a toll on everyone. There were some mishaps here and there but with the user population increase and the lack of things to do outside, I personally think this community has done really well, even though i’m not in a position of power to say this, I’m really proud of what the users in this forum have been able to do, and I feel like the bonds in this community have gotten much tighter over the past months. I’ve seen it all here, from users rising up to help moderators to fellow community members helping newcomers find their way around the forum, I’ve seen kindness and love all around, and I’m thankful for all of you, really.

Thank you to everyone here, from users to mods and staff, my life would be much worse without the IFC.

Thank You!

Surprisingly, this isn’t an april fools 😉

Stay safe and stay strong, we’re almost through with cowona :)



I thought this was an “I’m leaving IF” topic. But no, it isn’t.

It’s nice to have a community while we’re stuck here in our homes. It’s great to thank everyone once in a while.


Thanks so much for this!

It gives us a reminder how hard the mods and devs work to make this the amazing community that it is! Very well said, and I 100% agree!

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Great job; I bet this is much appreciated!

The devs, staff, and mods do a fantastic job of running not only the forum but the simulator itself. Having easy access and say in what we receive is one of the many perks to IF. It’s certainly something for us to appreciate. 🙏

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Awesome post Robertine!

Ur such a great friend and I’m so privileged to know you!

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Its honest the whole way through

Did you not read the whole post and assume it was an april fools?

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At first, I assumed it was an “I’m Leaving” topic but I read it through, no worries 😂

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