Thank you to all the Moderators and Devs

Can we all take a moment and thank a moderator or a dev for everything they have done during this pandemic. The devs have been working hard to get 20.1 out during COVID-19. The mods have been answering all of our questions about the update. Tyler has been pumping out great ATC schedules. So anyone who is reading this just think about what it would be like if we didn’t have these great devs and mods.


To be honest… and no disrespect to the mods or devs - it wouldn’t be any different than it currently is except we would have less news on what to expect from 20.1

You should be thanking your care workers, food stores, newsagents, media outlets, militaries, hospitals, doctors, cleaners etc. Not IF LLC who can work remotely from home.


I’m not saying every word you’ve said is wrong however I think we should be thanking everyone we’ve all played our part in the virus some more than others such as our nurses doctors teachers and other key workers but everyone has chipped in even the Infinite Flight team. Even if they could work from home they’ve got more people around the house now such as their children, parents, friends and according to a Sun article a tinder date. We all done something even you.


I have no doubt people everywhere are doing their part, however and I stand by this 100% - working from home isnt difficult, I understand people have kids and what not, however the doctors, nurses, care staff and others who have stayed away from families are another level.

You even have military personnel serving longer detachments as we cannot ferry people around like we did pre-covid.

I have dont absolutely nothing to help the fight against Covid - nothing. All I do is social distance, which works because I dont like people anyway 😂, and fly once a week.


I havent left my house in 2 months…

I haven’t seen the outside world in 3 months,

I’m fine, I think

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I agree, the devs and mods always do a wonderful job. However, I also agree with @Mags885’s point about being grateful for the true front line workers.

In my opinion, (and this is with the upmost respect for the devs and mods) they have not changed one bit during the pandemic. I think they have done an outstanding job keeping with their normal pace despite all of the worlds events, and I thank them for that.

Side Note: I think the devs and mods work from home most of the time. To my knowledge, there is not an Infinite Flight corporate building out there.

Overall, yes we should always be grateful for all the work that the devs and mods do for us. They are some of the best out there! Have they changed during this pandemic? In my opinion no. The have kept pushing along like they always have!

Thanks you for all you do devs and mods!


We appreciate your kind words @Saharsh, and I’m sure so do all the developers. They really have been working hard on 20.1 and I can assure you, the wait will be worth it. However, I wouldn’t associate this with COVID-19. I can’t speak for the developers but while COVID-19 certainly had an impact on the lives of all of us, the work we moderators do here at the IFC has certainly not changed much (except for a few more users).

That doesn’t stop you from being grateful and of course, you’re allowed to say Thank You. Infinite Flight has helped me over the last few months as well, as it was a tool for me to relax and find joy while the world around us looked darker every day. But of course, I don’t forget what’s going on outside. My sincere gratitude goes out to the people who fight every day for our health and stability in our daily lives - and I’m sure I speak in the name of many of us. We owe them a lot and they deserve a lot of recognition for what they do; not only now but also when this pandemic will be over.

We all can do our part to protect them. Let’s continue to follow the rules, keep up social distancing. We can do it. And if Infinite Flight helps you during that time while we remember what’s going on out there, you’re always allowed to show your gratitude. Stay safe!