Thank you / Thank you, good day command

Your welcome sounds like if you did them a favor, I think we should have a “No problem” command


Don’t use them that much, but when I do, it’s usually either before switching frequencies, or ending a flight when there is ground active


I use Tha k you good day to ground controller when I have landed, parked and shut down engines.

But I think someone before told me that the controllers in Expert Sever can’t listen the Thank you good day , is that right ?

I don’t see why you need to say thank you for that as they are just doing what you said. It would be like tipping a waitress for doing her job.

That is correct.

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I use that usually when the controllers doesn’t make me wait for too long, when he gives me direct vectors to the airport and at the end of a flight/freq changes. I think those commands are useful to keep a good relationship between pilots and controllers, and to appreciate their work.
And also I think that if u are polite with the Atc there are more chances that he doesn’t report u at the first error. So use that, it’s always appreciated by the controller a “thank u”.

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Conservatively, only about 1 in 5 pilots will actually make an effort to get off the runway quickly. It’s a huge relief when someone actually does.


Isn’t that kind of what you’re supposed to do? This example doesn’t really match your point.

I usually use the “Thank you, Good day” call on these scenarios:

  • As a way of letting the Ground controller know I’m going to switch to tower’s frequency(and thanking them, duh) as instructed upon receiving taxi clearance.
    *When landed and after arriving at the gate/stand.
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I use them when A: when I have a special request and the controller let’s me do it or B: when a controller is open and I am one of if not the only aircraft in the airspace.

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Some pilots heed this instructions while others take their sweet time. Trust me, if you’re directly behind traffic which expedites their exit, you’ll really appreciate it.

If I’m an ATC on Training I usually use when I have really good pilot that actually listen to command and know what to do

I love being ATC for expert pilot

You can respond “Thank you, good day” to that.

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No not at all, well here in Australia we basically never tip but if you think you tip someone for doing their job then your gonna loss your money fast.

Different cultures I guess. In America usually you’ll tip someone as long as they dont mess up your order or spill coffee on you.

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Then you only use it once a year?

Yeah right I think I’ve only ever seen a total of five people tip here (in Australia) when they did something exceptional but I have been to the USA but I wasn’t handling the money so I didn’t really see.

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