Thank you / Thank you, good day command

When do you use these commands?
I always use when I change the atc frequency. And of course, just for appreciation.

Sometimes I used to use this a lot and mostly it doesn’t respond…😂


I usually use them if a pilot does something correctly. Like if someone expedites their runway exit after I tell them to expedite, I’ll say “thank you.”


Feel free to use them when ever you like, most commonly when you change frequency, or at the end of the flight is when people use them most. Shows some appreciation for the controller. Don’t use it for no reason or spam the frequency with them though


at the end of a flight it is a nice thing to say to ground:) Usually ATC won’t respond though as the frequencies are very congested and other aircraft need looking after.


Reason why we don’t respond, especially when it is busy is because it doesn’t notify us when you use that command. The only way we know is if we hear it through the voice over or read it on the log. I use it to say thanks for flying in to fellow IFATC members, or familiar people in the community.


These commands don’t have an alert like other commands (the flashing yellow signs). If we see them, it’s because we heard them broadcasted (which is rare), or we’re looking through your log and saw that you sent it.

I always appreciate a pilot sending these commands, though. It’s nice to show gratitude, and I’ll often return it when able.


99% of the time pilot intentions are good and I respond in kind. But believe it or not I’ve had pilots (several) who have done this as their last little trolling message when they blantantly don’t follow instructions in a busy airspace. For the latter, my ‘you’re welcome’ is the report button.


I often use it when I had a nice pilot on my frequency or it was someone I know. A quick „Thank you, good day“ before giving the frequency change.


I often use it when I perform pattern work at a airport, or when using an airport frequency with a few well known controllers. It is also used between pilots, a sheer example of yesterday one aircraft accidentally taxied into me whilst not watching, he immediately said 'I’m sorry, ######" and I replied “Thank you, Delta 159 Heavy”

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I’ll do it most of the time. So if we ever happen to cross paths on IF expert server (you in tower and me in the air, odds are likely I fire off a thank you message)


I always use this before I quit my flight. Its always nice to thank the controller for their dedication 🙂


I always thought the controller never cared to respond that’s why I stopped doing it lol

Well it depends on the controller. Most people do it if they see it. We don’t hear MISC messages as they are muted on our end on the audio side of things. If it’s busy don’t expect it to happen as it’s not the most important thing. ;)

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If a controller were to hear this I would imagine it would be the best thing they’ve heard in whatever unit of time may exist, as they could be under a lot of stress sometimes

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When the frequency reaches a certain level of messages the system mutes those commands, so we may not see hear it/see it, but we definitely appreciate it. Doesn’t mean we don’t see it though :)


Right. I’d continue to say thank you even though they may not see it!!

I also feel grateful to each other if possible understand enough to a controller like that, after being allowed to take off then the controller said thanks then I responded “Your welcome” there I felt the beauty of life 😌

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Yeah! That’s the genuine and essential part of online communication ✈️

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When I use it;

  • After takeoff clearance
  • When tuning out of departure frequencies.
  • After being cleared for the approach by approach ATC
  • When completing the flight at the gate.


How do you respond to a “Thank you?”