Thank you semi-transparent mountain!

This was the most interesting experience yet for me on IF I couldnt stop laughing thankfully something told me to just go on the training server for this short hop and boy I’m glad I did!

Quick 8 minute flight from KLAX-KNTD everything was going fantastic until my approach to rwy 27 at KNTD (I do not recommend I vote this approach 3 out of 10 for the humor factor) enjoy!

Everything smooth so far, bit of a steep approach do to a mountain but nothing terrible…

Now is when I think it looks strange but you cant see in the pictures I have land assist on and I’m in the 3 red blocks so not alarmed…yet.

Now is when I notice I’m going to crash and theres nothing that I can do except hold on to my butt and say sorry to my 6… yes 6 passengers that I was responsible for…


I was about 3nm away from the airport 😂


Haha that’s funny never saw that before

I just had to laugh nothing more to do 😂

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This is why you shouldn’t be able to see airports through mountains


😂😂😂 This just cured my post-Expo depression


I felt like an idiot lol

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You may be too low. IDK, but lol.

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This is a common issue in many areas. Not sure where specifically or why however it seems to be on small airports and places where theres little satalite coverage

Especially in mountain ranges it happens a lot you’re right

I remember one of the devs said that they had to make things see-through to prevent something known as Z-Fighting aka stitching. You can find out more about it below:

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I tried this flight before, luckily I pulled up at the last minute. My passengers were sick from the sudden altitude change and steep approach though.

Great pictures mate, I flew there today but not though the mountain I landed using the other runway and it’s very funny seeing the airport though the mountain.

@Butter_Boi @Qantas094 it was definitely a learning experience 😂

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