Thank you Securite Civile 736!

I was controlling on the TS 1

I know, most of you are thinking


Because I’m hoping that I can get a group of nice, fellow pilots who understand what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, thank you to this guy!

You were amazing! You were Grade 2 (which has a lot of propaganda about being bad), and you didn’t ignore or not follow any of my commands! You know who you are!


I’m just giving a shoutout to him!

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I like the first portion best! “Why the hell would you do that” 😂😂


I knew people would get a kick out of it!

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I don’t see the point of this post, just because he did what he was supposed to do doesn’t mean he deserves a shout out lel

Well, considering people on the TS are nimrods, then I think there’s a point.


It’s like driving on I-95 and saying, “Wow, that guy signaled before changing lanes, someone call the press!” It’s what he’s supposed to do. (All my east coast peeps know what’s up)


Yep, I know what you mean.

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This was me. I was grade 3 before the XP requirements changed. When I asked for approach to Canberra, and I started watching the line of planes in front of me being vectored into a legit approach, I was like, oh yessssss 😁 thanks for being such a good approach controller. I love how tower told me I was in “active airspace” even tho I as ten nm away from it

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Well since most grade 3 people are now grade 2… After the xp change…

Oh so she/he ignored you?

I live in D.C.

You read that wrong. Go back and read the sentence

It’s a joke -_-

Also when my mains touched the runway, my tablet was at 0% battery. Plugged in but no actual battery on it. So close

Wow … Never knew this topic would get so
many likes!

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