Thank you Sebastian who ran EDDF this morning.

Hey guys :) ,
I know I should be doing this in a PM, but it never hurts to just say thank you here plus I can’t quite find him :) . I would like to thank Sebastian for being patient with me this morning. I was taxiing to runway 7C this morning and I thought there was two taxi lines so I went for the one close to the runway. I started to pull into the second taxi line and I saw another aircraft was heading towards me, so I pushed back and went to the first taxi line with no issues. I’m not flying on a regular basis so I was unfamiliar with the airport, but I am getting familiar with the airport :) .

Thank you again for your patience :)




i think all ATC enjoy hearing when pilots have a great experience with them. @Sebastian9915


Sebastian do have skills in controlling


YES. Thanks very much Sebastian. You are very good at your ‘job’

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btw @Sebastian9915 i was callsign NOOB 😂😂. Just thought it was funny

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Thank you guys, means a lot 😁


You are definitely welcome :) . I have to be honest and say since my cross country trip I got a-bit more rusty as I only fly once a week now (used to fly about 6-8 hours a day). I thought about asking for pushback again but then I figured I would only ask if you sent me something :) . I knew you were watching :)

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He was actually really good today I trusted him 👊🏻🔥👨‍✈️

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He’s always really good haha


Not only this morning… basically all day. When I opened approach he was already open for 5:30h - still stayed there for a good hour or so. Nice job… and majority of the time without approach help.

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Thanks man! I enjoyed my takeoff off runway 07C as El Al 356. ATC doesn’t seem easy, especially with that amount of traffic! Well done!

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Aww but I’m shady eh 😒😂

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Ah, Sebastian has controlled me before


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