THANK YOU! Recap of This Wonderful Year - 2024 Robertine Tomfoolery

Hello, IFC

1 day left of this year!

Time for a recap that nobody cares about!

Here are my 10 favorite pictures of 2023! Some are objectively uninteresting but have a nice backstory so that’s that. Also they are not in order of preference or chronology. They are in order of the original file number.

Here we go :)

A Picture from 2018 but I found it on my hard drive this year so it counts as 2023… An arrival into KSEA in the golden hour in a Delta 737-800

A beautiful departure out of CDG passing over Paris in an E190

A Riyadh Air 787 at the Bourget airshow (Thank you Laura for the great time!)

The Patrouille de France doing the legendary criss-cross apple sauce manœuvre

A Belgian snake releasing flares while upside down

A Sécurité Civile heli I got to visit at LFPI

Caen Airport seen from above (LFRK)

Flying a DR400 over central France

Spotting Drummer’s private jet on a chilly but wonderful evening with @T1MMY4L1F3_YT . Thanks for the wonderful time, Tim!

F-GLDT, a DR400 taking off in an autumn sunset

Last and least, the mighty Concorde with the mighty Dan in it, which I spotted during the Infinite Flight meetup! It was a great time and I managed to meet many wonderful people that I hope to keep in touch with :)

Thank you very much to everyone on the IFC for being so kind! This year, I met many people from Infinite Flight, and all were equally amazing. It’s great to be a part of such a fantastic group of nerds ❤️

Thanks again, and to another year!



Great photos!

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Amazing photos as always @Camille!

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The last photo is clearly the best

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It’s a muy spooky Dan


Bro hahahah the last photo 💀💀💀

Dan fantasmagórico

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Aww, I’m happy to be a part of your recap mate! It was an absolutely lovely time (if a bit cold).

And I stand by it; I will come meet you in Paris someday :) .

Love the photos as well of course. Hope to see more of 'em In 2024!


It was indeed a great time! I hope to see you here one day!


Wait, Drummer has a private jet?

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No, it’s a joke with the registration :)


No. It has the callsign he uses in game

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Oh. Okay. Nice joke.

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He doesn’t look like dan lol.

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Great shots once again. 👍

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Great photos! Here’s to an awesome 2024! Btw, I care about this summary!

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