Thank You - one month in

I just renewed my one month subscription to IF and I have to say it was an easy decision despite the cost. I have really benefitted from the welcome on here and am very grateful to all the more experienced pilots who have given me tips and tricks to improve my flying. My goal for this next month is to make it to expert server - I have 41 landings and about 30K xp so am hopeful to make the jump soon. So a big thank you to everyone on here who make this a great and supportive place to fly and learn.


Thank you for being a part of this forum and for using IF, having more users benefits us all more them many would realise. Good luck on making it onto the expert server, I hope to see you there soon :)


Good on you for renewing!
See you in the skies on Expert! Don’t forget to check out the #tutorials first ;)


Welcome and hopefully ill see you in the skies some time. I felt the same way when I started hesitant of the cost but I just switched my subscription from monthly to annual since I enjoy it so much. Consider joining a VA as this was the best thing I ever did becuase the people are so nice and we just have such an amazing time together flying and chatting.


Yeah good luck on flying yourself to the Expert server

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