Thank You @ KDCA

Bonjour to everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Yesterday, I biked down to Gravelly Point to meet up with some other IFC members! There I met @Plane-Train-TV and @Its_Zee. We chatted, and most importantly, took pictures of planes, while talking about how lame it was of @ToasterStroodie to not skip work and join us. The cool planes departing while we were there were Delta’s ‘Thank You’ livery, and Southwest’s ‘Louisiana One’. Snow was still on the ground, which I thought was very nice, since snow makes everything blindingly bright. The sky was blue for the beginning of the session, though clouds moved in later on. Because of this, none of my photos of LA One were good. Blame it on the weather or the photographer. Oh well. There will be a part two to this, as well. Enjoy :)

First up are some photos from Jan 1, 2022. I got maybe 5 editable photos from this session, so I couldn’t post a topic of just those, so I am including them here :)

First up, a Delta BCS1 arriving from Detroit. One of the few photos that was not taken through dense fog 😶‍🌫️

One of the special liveries I went to catch, jetBlue’s NY Jets livery. Trash team, cool plane 🗑

Jan 6, 2022

First up, not in fog, is a shiny United A350-1000 🛫

Following the A35K was this BCS1 showing off its tiny little beacon 🚨

I’ve been trying to catch this aircraft for so long, and finally, I got to see it ❤️

Wrapping up the topic is a sexy MAX 8 belonging to none other than Spirit. This aircraft got delayed for over an hour, enabling me to take phot 🗿

Anyways, that all I’ve got for this topic. See ya ;)

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Great job! The birbs in the second pic are very n u m e r o u s

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Great spotting!

Lol Giants on top! (Even though the giants kinda suck too)

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ikr, looks kinda close to a bird strike


Imagine having a worse record than the WFT 💀


Lol I know we weren’t doing to good this year

Hmm… 🤔… anyways…


My favorite NFL team @Captain-787 knows why

Nice photos!


Excuse me take that back right now

Nice pictures, not nice opinions of football teams 😉

Dude probably likes the unnamed team. At least the jets are good at being bad

Thank you Feliks

Thank you, but the stats speak for themselves. 20 interceptions, 44 sacks 😮

never. never have, never will, thank you very much

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Is it the purple birds then?

he speakin fax


I do not claim this negative energy

amazing shots man! Hope to visit Gravely Point one day!

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I actually root for the Portland Pigeons

Thanks! It’s gotta be one of the best spotting locations in the USA.


What’s the issue? I see nothing wrong

Is that not a Southwest 737-700? Could’ve fooled me

Looks like an A350 to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That must’ve been such an awkward and tense situation the three of you standing around barely talking

Lets go birb on top!

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And look who is talking 🙃