Thank you Infinite Flight ❤️

Around 9 years ago, 7 year old me hit the install button on the App Store to download infinite flight. It was the first time I had a real simulator to fly on, and I was ecstatic. Hopping from aircraft to aircraft and airport to airport, the hours I spent cracking away at flying a plane on an IPad was uncountable. The wonderful IFC taught me so much, and it genuinely furthered my existing passion for aviation.

Fast forward to 2022, and here is that same fascinated 7 year old in love with aviation, except now he’s flying real planes, in real life. A few months ago, I flew solo for the first time, and in my 16 years thus far, it might be the greatest moment in my life. Flying solo makes you feel so free among the skies, it’s indescribable. And some years ago, it all started with this app. Who knew that an iPad and a monthly subscription to a game could land you up flying planes and doing the thing you love the most. Next up: PPL.

Thank you Infinite Flight ❤️


That’s cool man! Hoping the best for you on your future aviation journies!


Very inspiring, never give up!


Thanks mate, really appreciate it!

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Congrats on first solo, thanks for sharing the incredible story.

Keep the blue side up!



Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your first solo! ♥️


Hey @TheCoolPilot,

So cool that you’ve able to get to your dream and living it. In my years it was Flight Simulator, I started playing it and loved it, today I am flying planes for a job, 15 years already. When the passion gets to you, you can’t get rid of it. Enjoy the flights, stay safe and happy landings.

All the best for your career…




Thank you, I definitely will (;

That’s amazing, it’s definitely true when they say once you’ve caught the flying bug, you can’t get rid of it! Thanks so much!

Thank you, means a lot!

Amazing story, congratulations on your first solo flight!

Hoping the best on all your future endeavors! ♥️

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This is why, IF deserves for recognition for inspiring people in aviation!

Also congratulations

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Omg same dude, I am flying real planes too!


My dream of becoming a pilot is so big. Congrats to you and I hope you do well over the next years!

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Congrats on the first solo! 🥳


Congratulations on your first solo flight!

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That’s awesome, hope it goes well!

Congratulations! 🎉 That’s such a great achievement, you can be proud of yourself! Thanks for sharing this story and the pictures with us (New Zealand looks stunning! 🏔); I’m happy that the IFC and Infinite Flight have helped you on your journey 🙌


dang this is inspirational. This reminds me of someone making a joke about a person painting their 172 in the IF livery

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Sure is, absolutely loving flying here! Thanks a ton mate.