Thank you Infinite Flight

Like many of you on the simulator, I too share a passion for flight. As a little kid back in the day before simulators, I would gather my collection of die cast model planes… build my own airport out of cardboard cereal boxes and tape of run ways on the floor. These were the days before YouTube, simulators and quite frankly internet access. All I went off of were lunch trips to the airport (pre 911), my telescope aimed at the airport, and the time when you could tune into the pilots talking from you seat on the plane 😎.

Today, I’ve worked my way up through a major US based airline from loading the bags, towing planes around the airport, ramp control alongside FAA and now a mechanic. Everyday I go to work is a dream come true. Honestly becoming pilot would be the next thing accept my passion is in maintenance. Plus going home at night is awesome 😉.

Thus enters Infinite Flight. This platform has come a long way since the days when I first subscribed. I would describe the interface but most of you already know. We have moving jet bridges, docking systems, hundreds of liveries, and constantly reworked airframes with working cockpit displays. These updates are always such a treat when the come out. They however, are not the reason I keep flying with IF. Yes, I could spend tons of money on Xplane, MS flight or any others to get that “realistic flight.” But I don’t. I keep coming back to Infinite Flight. It reminds me of the days when I was a kid, taking my toy planes and fly around the living room, mimicking what I had learned from my travels as a kid. Now I’m able to pick up my IPad and do a quick flight before work, or a start a long haul before I fall asleep. I study YouTube videos on landings, flap settings, VR speeds, approaches/departures etc. I used flight aware to fly all my routes throughout the world on every airline. All so I can fly the Sim just like I wanted to as little boy with my model planes.

I don’t post much on here, I have little social media, but I wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone of the @infiniteflight developers for creating such a great community. I’ll see you in the skies.

PS- I‘llbe the one with the butter landings and smooth takeoffs. And NOT taxiing at 30kts into the gate while cutting off everyone in the way haha 🤙🏼 BTW. Let’s get some auto brakes 1-2-3-4 some day!!!


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