Thank you Infinite Flight

Just made this post to say thank you to infinite flight.

The First Lockdown

The first lockdown was when infinite flight really became big. And because I had nothing to do, it really cheered me up.

I then came across Youtubers like Captain Ry. It really made me realise the community the simulator had and when I found the IFC it has been a game changer in my life ever since.

Later on I wanted a challenge. And so, I applied for IFATC, although I needed quite a few training sessions, I got there in the end. This really gave me something to do. And I love it.

The first lockdown was tough at times and infinite flight really helped with that.

The Third Lockdown

The third lockdown really came down to the IFC and especially the “suggest any aircraft and we’ll draw it”. I posted many of my pictures and got lots of good feedback.

This really cheered me up everyday because of the amazing support.

Final Remarks

To end this post I think we can pretty much all say a big thank you to everyone from developers to moderators. Let’s come together and say thank you.



It’s always nice to see topics like these because we often will forget the sheer amount of work that has to go into making this simulator as good as it is.


Agreed. (Ten characters)

i’m pretty sure that everyone here says “You’re Welcome”! it’s always nice to see other people happy.


it is the same for me
i joined in Jan or smth and i left. I rejoined during lockdown and instantly found the airplane drawing thread…resubbed to IF…lost my sub due to exams and now again going to sub…IF made the lockdown bearable tbh


I joined IF in 2016 then I left just before global and didn’t hear anything about it. Then, when Britain went into Lockdown, I heard about a possible B772 rework and I came back! Now I can’t get enough of IF!

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I agree. Infinite flight made the lockdowns a lil less lonely and boring

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a little less?! the ifc is like a big family if you ask me! there’s always something interesting going on here!


In this community, there is a little bit of everything. Places to enjoy flying with eachother, places to control and give service to others, and places to contribute your own work to the game.

There is also the media. The IFC itself, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… All have large popular third party media accounts gaining a lot of attention and love from players globally. This pandemic boosted everyone’s time online, where a lot of people turned to Infinite Flight, such as myself.

It’s so great to see a positive topic towards the developers, recognising their time, work, and money invested into the game over the years and even to this day. Thank you to everyone who shows their appreciation alongside me to the developers and people who devote themselves day in day out for our entertainment and passion for aviation.


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