Thank You Infinite Flight!

One thing I constantly see on the infinite flight community and social media is people (Not everyone) who constantly shut down the hard work done by the Infinite Flight team but me personally he’ll yeah 3D buildings clouds and everything would be cool as but let’s hit back a notch and actually thank Infinite Flight for everything they’ve done for us 1st of all Infinite Flight has the best rendered planes on Mobile personally 2. The community has a voice not always possible at the moment but we do have a heard voice. 3. Remember the last update? Yes the A330 physics update the team put together some nice livery’s to keep us happy it was a huge surprise for everyone here. So really think about where the app sits today global is now a Year old technology is improving its only a matter of time before we hit FSX levels and XP11.

Thank you Infinite Flight


737-800 American Airlines TWA, lands on Runway 17c at Dallas Fort Worth from Memphis as a 777-F holds Position one of the many things to be thankful for


You’re welcome.



Yey you’re welcome though I think just using the app respectably is showing that you love them ;)


Very nice words, I completely agree with every statement that you said.
Also, I cannot stop looking at that screenshot, it’s literally perfect with the sunset. 👍


You seem to enjoy Infinite Flight such as me and the other thousands of members in this community!

If you would like to contribute or support Infinite Flight you may try some of these facts:


Thank you 😊 took a bit of playing around

As the devs where saying on a stream a few days ago, too many people expect a mobile sim to be as good as PC sims. Completely agree!

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Thanks to the devs, mods, and everyone else on the IF team! 😁👍🏻
You’ve made this game the best flight sim on mobile!

And the screenshot is perfect!


Thank you very much

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