Thank You Infinite Flight, How You Inspired Me! + My IRL Takeoff Video

I Just wanted to post this and say then you! I am only 14 years old and I recently started taking flight lessons. My plans for the future are closer than i ever imagined. Without Infinite Flight, I don’t think I would be as into aviation or have ever thought about becoming a pilot in the future. At first glance, IF was just another flying “game”, But later into the months i played, i noticed this was the most advanced flight simulator app i have ever played. It was complex and in-depth, Flying principals that takes place in real life, existed in the game. I learned from the app, a learned about how flaps work, trim and rudder, how drag slows a plane down. I also learned about how ATC and autopilot work, and how to land without bouncing or stalling before the runway. I know this sounds silly of how an app taught me things, but it did, It may not cover everything about flying, but it got me started.
So thank you, to all of the developers to make this simulator and inspire young flyers, and the community mods to keep it safe, and to the community for inspiring me to learn more about flying!

Thank You Infinite Flight!

My Takeoff in a 152 IRL: - YouTube


+1 for this. Infinite Flight is really incredible in that it is so accessible; you can just pick it up and fly. (As a fellow 14 y/o) I wouldn’t be into aviation if it wasn’t for IF. Come back to the people in this community in 15 years and see how many may have a PPL; be an ATC/ground handler etc.

IF is building (provided people have the right commitment and determination) the future of Aviation.


…Don’t give up 👌👍😉😃


Thanks for the support! :D I shall not give up!

im 14 almost 15 and i started my flight training a couple of weeks ago

Nice takeoff with your instructor

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Flying a Cessna 150/152?

@N1DG i’m flying the Cessna 152

That’s awesome. I’ve got about 80ish hours a Cessna 152

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That’s great! I’ve passed my PPL just before Christmas. Never give up on your ambitions. Infinite Flight definitly has played a part in my interest in flying so I know exactly what your talking about. All the best mate.

Great take off! Wish I had the oppotunity to have flying lessons when I was 14! Such a great oppotunity.

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I’m flying the 152 as well! It’s a tiny cockpit, but it does the job!

I was originally going to have the camera in the middle between me and my instructor, but the headset jacks were in the way. And i used the Hero 3 So it did not have a preview screen, so my giant head was in the way.

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It does do the job. Expeically if your a shorter pilot it’s perfect. And it’s fairly easy to fly

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Of course, I’m just over 6 feet tall, so it’s not as pleasant for me. It’s not bad, though. Better than not flying at all!

i have a pretty good view, but i find myself always looking at the instruments more than i should.

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Yah tall people have a problem with it. I’m only 5-8 so it’s perfect for me

Your flying visual look at those instruments maybe every 3-4 seconds but don’t fixate on just one. Develop a scanning pattern for all your instruments

Never quit following your passions in life (as long as they are healthy lol). Pursue your dreams and your dreams will come to you.

This would be a terrific review on the App Store or google play store as well!

Lol Just posts whole paragraph on the google and the apple app store XD

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