Thank you Infinite flight community! ♾🛩

Dear Infinite Flight Community,

These last few flights have been Amazing on expert servers! I also had an overnight flight last night from (EGLL - WSSS), with a divert back to London Heathrow for my first attempt due to fuel issues in the 757. Mind you I was tempted to be stupid enough to try to limit my fuel on a 14hr flight with an Aircraft with a 10hr limit. As far as my landing, I hope that no one seen it!! Since the 757 is a sensitive aircraft and I was a bit heavy, I landed on the first double white markers before the actual landing zone, and I surprisingly got a landing with -120fpm.

Picture of B757 ⬇️ (TUI Airlines)


More About TUI Airlines ⬇️

I’m sure you all know what happened after landing with those sensitive rudders (Went all over the runway trying to control the rudders). Waisting a total time of maybe 30 minutes diverting and landing, I then end the flight and switch Aircrafts. I ended up in the A350 (Singapore Livery) and had a smooth Takeoff from (EGLL) and a Great landing in (WSSS). I’m sorry to the group that I was flying with during my flight and to the IFATC’s for being late, delaying your time to head over to the Premiere to the new 21.1 update!

Picture of A350 ⬇️ (Singapore Airlines)

More About Singapore Airlines ⬇️

Overall the work IFATC has done to make sure Pilots have a safe and smooth flight has been extraordinary! I’m glad that we have such trained ATC’s to make sure we as community pilots have a safe flight! I know that all of you IFATC’s will have a fantastic time in 21.1 with your new commands and view of new buildings and clouds! I also would like to thank the Infinite flight team for working so hard to get out this next update for our Growing, Expert, and possible real life pilots! As far as the community, you all have made sure that other pilots have a sense of comfort and love towards Infinite flight and our community.

I would like to Thank you all for such hard work and dedication to Infinite flight and the community!

Thank you for your time!

@Captain_Ian ;)

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I actually played infinite flight in the old days. It’s just that I kept on switching accounts because I didn’t know how to log into the previous account with the subscriptions. I also wasn’t so serious about getting to expert servers and flying because I was just flying for fun. I then found my passion last year claiming that I want to be a pilot. Every since I’ve been educating myself and I’ve learned ALOT! I’m going to keep pushing myself to become a pilot one day!

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Sure the B757 is sensitive aircraft
Actually we enjoy flying on expert with the professional ATC members and pilots .
About your old account you can pm on of the admins they can do something I think .

It’s fine! I love the account I’m on now. I plan on going to grade 5 on expert servers and fly with the community until the end 😁

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